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Missing Auction Quilt

I am on the PTA board at our Jr High.  Our PTA was asked to provide baskets for the district auction.  I thought this would be a great way to get my name out there as a quilter, so I volunteered to make an Americana themed quilt to go with the basket. This pattern is by Jeni Baker. She has a tutorial on her blog, In Color Order.  Giant Vintage Star Quilt Tutorial. Great pattern for a beautiful quick smaller quilt!

family 210

My helper is new to holding up quilts and was probably embarrassed, since I enlisted her help at school as it was getting out and everyone could see her.  They moved my due date up a week and a half and which gave me 2 days to quilt it – on top of all my other responsibilities.  So these are the only pictures I have of this quilt.

I wanted the quilting on the white areas to compliment and draw attention to the star its self, so I used a simple back and forth stitch inside angles that point the eyes to the star.
family 212

The star itself has loopy, stars and hearts free motion quilting.  Stars for patriotism and hearts because I love my country.  I actually got a wee bit teary while quilting thinking about the soldiers and the many blessings I have by being an American.

family 213


The back looks really awesome – I think!  I love a little bit of color splash and piecing on the back.

family 214

Because this was for auction – I put a paper on the back with fabric, pattern and quilting info and the cost to make and a suggested starting price for the auctioneer. Because chances of the auctioneer being a quilt expert was pretty slim – right?  And I put a note that if the owner would like a history label on the back of the quilt, they could contact me and I would attach one.

Well…guess what?!   This beautiful quilt never showed up at the auction.  My sis in law went to the auction with her hubby who is a principal in our district.  She looked and asked about it – but it wasn’t there.  What the heck?! I asked the secretaries at the school and they didn’t know anything. I am wondering if it got folded up and put at the bottom of the Americana basket – out of sight and completely unappreciated? That basket sold for $30.

So that is probably the end of my donating a quilt for auctions…maybe…I might try again with the elementary art auction…


Civil War Quilt Project

I didn’t realize that I was such a fan of this time period.  As I reflect on purchases over the last few years, I realize I have accumulated books, a whole series of CD’s, this quilting book and most recently for my birthday, I was lucky enough to get this gorgeous bundle of reproduction fabrics from Moda. It is the Ladies’ Album by Barbara Brackman.  I found the bundle shown on a blog I recently discovered,  Civil War Quilts.  It is the blog of the fabric designer, Barbara Brackman.  She fills it full of interesting history and has a BOM program this year.  As soon as I finish Amy Gibsons 2012 BOM quilt I would like to start Barbara’s with this bundle. I am having a hard time taking the ribbon off because it is so beautiful all stacked together.   ImageAnother shot so you can enjoy all the beautiful colors better.  Mine was ordered from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  libby, civil war quilt 019 I also keep checking out this book from the library called The Civil War Love Letter Quilt. It has 121 quilt blocks and each block is accompanied by a real letter from a soldier in the Civil War. The author, Rosemary Youngs, has another book called The Civil War Dairy Quilt that I would love to have as well. antique quilt 021 The Utah Quilt Guild has Quilt Fest in September and I want to make this quilt and enter it into the show.  My first ever – I am nervous and excited. It is a small wall hanging – 33 1/2 x 33 1/2.  Sooner or later I am going to have to untie my beautiful bundle and get busy cutting it.   Image   This is a pattern from my Civil War Legacies book shown above.  I purchased mine at Jo-Anne’s.  The quilt calls for 96 2 1/8″ squares that turn into 192 triangles.  I love half square triangles.  The star blocks are only 7 1/2″ square.  It is small but it will be so pretty. Do you have a favorite time period for quilting or a block?  I would love to here what and why.  Have a fabulous mid week day!