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Missing Auction Quilt

I am on the PTA board at our Jr High.  Our PTA was asked to provide baskets for the district auction.  I thought this would be a great way to get my name out there as a quilter, so I volunteered to make an Americana themed quilt to go with the basket. This pattern is by Jeni Baker. She has a tutorial on her blog, In Color Order.  Giant Vintage Star Quilt Tutorial. Great pattern for a beautiful quick smaller quilt!

family 210

My helper is new to holding up quilts and was probably embarrassed, since I enlisted her help at school as it was getting out and everyone could see her.  They moved my due date up a week and a half and which gave me 2 days to quilt it – on top of all my other responsibilities.  So these are the only pictures I have of this quilt.

I wanted the quilting on the white areas to compliment and draw attention to the star its self, so I used a simple back and forth stitch inside angles that point the eyes to the star.
family 212

The star itself has loopy, stars and hearts free motion quilting.  Stars for patriotism and hearts because I love my country.  I actually got a wee bit teary while quilting thinking about the soldiers and the many blessings I have by being an American.

family 213


The back looks really awesome – I think!  I love a little bit of color splash and piecing on the back.

family 214

Because this was for auction – I put a paper on the back with fabric, pattern and quilting info and the cost to make and a suggested starting price for the auctioneer. Because chances of the auctioneer being a quilt expert was pretty slim – right?  And I put a note that if the owner would like a history label on the back of the quilt, they could contact me and I would attach one.

Well…guess what?!   This beautiful quilt never showed up at the auction.  My sis in law went to the auction with her hubby who is a principal in our district.  She looked and asked about it – but it wasn’t there.  What the heck?! I asked the secretaries at the school and they didn’t know anything. I am wondering if it got folded up and put at the bottom of the Americana basket – out of sight and completely unappreciated? That basket sold for $30.

So that is probably the end of my donating a quilt for auctions…maybe…I might try again with the elementary art auction…


Wow – Sew Many Projects – Sew Little Time

It has almost been a year since I posted…mainly because in my free down time…hmmm….what is the right word?  In the moments I choose to ignore all the rest of the my responsibilities (especially laundry, dishes and cooking), I would rather be piecing one of my MANY projects or longarm quilting on my Innova than blogging. Plain, undiluted truth!

So what has happened in the past year!?

My handsome hubby still works hard for us every day.  He has an Etsy shop where he sells his wood turned bowls and pens.  They are awesome!  He is really into tree and wood books.

Elf Princess is dating and driving and already had her first accident – in MY car, of course!  She also got her first job at a fast food place and Loves (not) the hat she gets to wear. haha

Miss America is still beautiful and smart.  Her art teacher entered some of her art in the school art contest and she won 2 ribbons. She was the manager for the wrestling team (smart girl – haha)

My son (been so long that I forgot his nickname-heehee) managed to survive and pass 5th grade.  I hate homework more than he does!  He earned his Bear badge and almost has his Weblos badge.  He still loves Legos and reading.

Blondie got baptized a member of our church – Loves school – this is an accomplishment because she had kindergarten anxiety so bad we did home school with her. She still loves dancing and crafts.

Brownie started Kindergarten – so excited that the first morning I didn’t even get a kiss good bye.  As soon as the car stopped she jumped out and ran to the playground.  Made me sad!  But was much better than 10 minutes of crying and pulling Blondie off me every morning for weeks of 1st grade.

We have a new addition to the family.  We named him Doug.  He is a beagle/cow mix.  Not really – he is a beagle and something, but his coat looks like a black and white cow.  We rescued him from the local pound and that day in January was better than Christmas at our house for the kids.  He is a sweet dog that is totally fixated on food!

Another school year is almost over and the summer fun is about to start!  Yay!

For me –  what did I do?!  Lots of great things – lots of firsts!

I will keep it to 10 top things: (not in any particular order)

1. I joined a quilting guild – love it!

2. I joined a long arm quilting guild and am learning so much!

3. I have quilted for customers – very exciting- and gotten paid!

4. I got a new Viking Sapphire 875 Quilt sewing machine

5. My sweet hubby built me a new fabulous sewing space

6. I got called to work in the Nursery at our church – I get to play with the kids 18 months to 3 years for 2 hours every Sunday with my hubby!  It is so much fun!

7. I joined a Bonnie and Camille swap.  They are fabric designers for Moda.  Love their fabrics!  Of course, the swap gave me the perfect excuse to stock up on their fabrics!

8. I joined Instagram and have participated in a few swaps and found a lot of really great quilty friends!

9. I got way more involved in the PTA at the elementary and at the Jr High than I ever intended to be!  I feel less sewing time coming up!

10. I got to go the Home Machine Quilting Show and take classes from Judi Madison and Angela Walters!

Lastly and MOST important – My 23rd year of marriage was great and I am so grateful that we still want to be together!  (I love you so much, honey – thanks for your love and support!)

Summer plans?!  The usual – parks, swimming, gardening, biking, hiking and, of course – LOTS of sewing and hopefully more customer quilts to quilts!  One very exciting addition to this summer is my sister and her family coming to spend a week with us!  We can hardly wait!

Happy Sewing!  Thanks for visiting!  Promise to blog more often and with pictures next time! Jules



June Supernova Block and 25 things you didn’t know about me

Reblog from Scrappy Hearts:  This is the blog post my friendship swap partner, Joyce, did on her blog.  I, of course, am not as put together as she is – so I am using her fun post to share about the supernova swap we are participating in.

Introducing JuIie!


This is Julie’s block for our Supernova swap. She is so good. I had her block long before the deadline of June 15th. Me, on the other hand, I mailed my block to her on the 15th. Then it got sent back to me. Then it got sent back to her. It was a nightmare! Now she has it and she likes it. Yippee!

During this time, from when we first found out about the swap, to when we first decided to take this journey together, Julie has become my online friend. She has been understanding and forgiving. We have the same tastes in colors and I believe we probably have similar temperments. Julie was teaching pre-school when we first began corresponding. Now Julie is the proud owner of a longarm machine and she is busy practicing her skills so that she can begin a long-arm quilting business.


Along with our first blocks, we were directed to send along a list of 25 things about ourselves. Today I am pleased to introduce you to my friend,Julie, in her own words. You just won’t believe how similar we are!

(the first sentence is mine (Julie’s)  – the second sentence is Joyce’s.  I agree with her- it is funny how similar we are. Of the 25 things we had to share 11 of them are very similar)

My favorite treat is Peanut M&M’s.   Peanut M&M’s are the only treat I will buy.

I love water parks.   Water parks were my favorite place to take my kiddos, mostly because I love them!

I like to garden.   I have always loved to garden. I had my own garden in the yard, at the house, where I grew up.

I have been to 40 of the 50 states, 3 countries and 2 continents. It is my personal goal to visit everyone of our National Parks and I have not counted the number of states that I have visited. In the meantime I have been to 11 countries and 2 continents.

I like baskets and candlesticks.  I used to sell Longaberger and I have a sign in my house, “Whoever dies with the most baskets, wins!” Hmmm, candlesticks, something new to collect! 😉

I like hedgehogs. I have a hedgehog stamp.

I love to travel and have adventures. Exploring “new to me” places is my favorite thing to do, local or otherwise.

I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising in college – then switched to Special Ed/Multicultural Education. My first degree is in Advertising & Communications which I received from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. The Ad/Comm major was closely related to the Fashion, Buying and Merchandising major and we took many of the same classes. Jump forward 20 years and I went back to school for my teaching certificate. (Can you believe the similarities?)

I like to get up with the sun.  Here is where we differ, I like to sleep in til noon and stay up very late!

I like fresh flowers and candlelight dinners. Me too, but I do not like to cut flowers from my garden. I will have to get over that since I cannot afford to buy them!

I have way more projects going than I will ever be able to complete. I found myself sobbing about this not too long ago. I told my husband I was going to die before all my projects were complete. It really upset me!

Well, there’s a bit about Julie and a bit more about me! And here is one last peek at Julie’s June block.


Can’t wait to see what our challenge is for this month!

Supernova Update (more pics borrowed from Joyce’s blog of the block she made.  I totally LOVE her block and I wasn’t so crazy about how mine turned out)


I am loving how my supernova block turned out! I hope my buddy in Utah likes it also!


me talking now – it is time to begin the July block.  I have picked up a few more fabrics that have a little more blending of colors so maybe I will like it better this month.  It has been super fun getting to know Joyce and working on blocks together.  It is amazing how similar we are – I lived in New Jersey for 1 1/2 years and loved it.  Wish I could visit where Joyce lives.  I agree with Joyce – I am anxious to see what the friendship assignment for July will be….

Happy July 1st!

No lie! A 10 minute quilt block !

I made this one about a year ago for the Elf Princess.  She wanted a more grown up look than Tinkerbell and what better excuse to try a new pattern and buy a Layer cake?!  The colors are a little off in the photo…not sure why.  It was a beautiful sunny 70 today!  I enlisted the help of two of my preschool moms to hold it for me after preschool.  One of them was about 6 inches taller than the other which accounts for the sag at the right corner.  haha.  The parts that look orangy aren’t that orange and here it throws off the color scheme a little bit.  This pattern is Suzanne McNeill’s 10 Minute Block.  I found it on You Tube.  It really is a 10 minute block!  Especially since I started with a Layer Cake and I didn’t have to do any cutting!  This was before I knew about pressing seams as you sew.

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 001

I actually paid my LQS to long arm this one so it could be done before she was married and out of the house.  haha   This was Long before I was brave enough to try machine quilting.  The Elf Princess picked blue for the back which surprised me.  I thought she would go for the bright pink color in the front.  They just folded over the backing and used it for the binding and stitched a little scallop on the binding.

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 003

And here is a close up of the fun flowers the quilter picked.


abbie's 10 minute block quilt 005

I love the wrinkly way it turned out after it was washed.


abbie's 10 minute block quilt 006

This is a close up of the actual 10 minute block.  It is three seams and a little bit of top stitching to make the block.  Super easy and very fun!

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 007


This is a close up of the center square.  It actually gets sewn in with the 3 seams mentioned above.  You can leave it a square or roll the edges in to give it a bit of a cathedral look.  Even with this top stitching it is only about 8 minutes to make the block.

I have both her books and would love to make another one of the variations.  My older sister made her daughter and bf quilts for college using this pattern.  They had a great time too.

Have you tried one yet?   If you want to quilt and need a quick easy one to learn one – this is a great one to try.  If you have pics, post them.  CY – you should link pics of yours here!

Gertrude broke ALL the rules!!

My sisters (including my in-law sisters), my Mom and I had a 5 inch charm exchange last year with the plan to bring completed quilts to our family reunion in July.  Sadly, Mom was the only one who finished hers.  It is gorgeous.  She used a disappearing nine patch pattern for hers.

I had laid out so many designs on the design table and couldn’t make anything work for me. In frustration, I put all the squares in a plastic grocery sack and pulled them out randomly and sewed them in long strips.  (I teach a private preschool in my home.  That is all the fun back drop items you see on the walls.)



It took forever and I didn’t even use all the charms.  I was sewing late one night waiting for my daughter to come home. She wanted to talk when she got home and we stayed up quite late.  We decided it was the ugliest quilt ever so we thought of old ugly names to call it. About 1 a.m. Gertrude was the winning name. (No offense to anyone with that name.) I tried to nickname her Gertie, but Miss America said I couldn’t nickname a quilt. Gertrude stuck.  


Then I hung Gertrude’s strips on a hanger and put her downstairs for a few more months.  This week I brought Gertrude upstairs to my sewing room and randomly took the strips and sewed them together.  No choices, no matching anything!  Gertrude is comprised of many types and qualities of fabric – even a few stretchy ones and some old ones from my Grandma M.  And yes, quite a few UGLY prints. The charms are not all 5 inches square because there are very few nested seams.  I am going to have to add partial charms to quite a few ends to make the side even.  Gertrude ended up being a California King sized quilt…can you believe it?!  


I am home alone with a nasty cold,,,so yes, my bee pillow pet and a baby doll are helping me hold up Gertrude.  You can see the non-nested seams. Perfection was not an option on this quilt.  My Great Aunt P (whom I love dearly) gave me a set of flowered sheets when I graduated and moved off to college.  I am going to use them for the backing of Gertrude. 

Even more amazing to me is….I LOVE Gertrude.  It feels like a big hug from my family when I hold her.   All my sisters live in different states and I rarely get to see them.  It is fun to see the charms and know who they came from and what was originally made from the fabric.  I had a great time telling my family the history behind some of the charms.  I gathered my courage to do GSP (grocery sack piecing) from a gorgeous quilt on my Grandpa G’s bed.  It is a tumbler quilt and is as random as Gertrude.  I love to sit on his bed and look at and feel all the fabrics and wonder who made it and where all the charms came from.  There is no quilt label and he doesn’t know details. Gertrude will have a label…not because I expect her to be an heirloom…I just want my family to remember her story. Thanks to my sisters and mom for sharing all the love that is pieced into this quilt.

Flirt table runner

This is my first attempt at machine stitching with my sewing machine.  I love to piece quilt tops but machine stitching is new and scary!  I saw this table runner by Missouri Star and I loved it.  Love the fabric, Flirt by Moda, too!  I did change the center heart to face the same direction as the other to though!  I stitched in the ditch to outline the hearts and the rectangle and then I free handed the loopy meandering.  I tried looping between the hearts and that was a disaster so I am in the process of picking that out and I will stitch in a row of hearts.  I still haven’t decided how to quilt the hearts.


flirt table runner 1

Here is the whole thing….


flirt table runner 3


Here is a close up of my stitching – nothing to brag about – sharp corners and big stitching in places, but I overcame a major mental hurdle and went for it.  It does have a few loose threads hanging on it.

flirt table runner 2

I decided it was actually quite fun and I am willing to try it again….good thing because I have lots of pieced quilt tops and other projects and not the budget to send them out professionally!