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Stippling quest was a Success!

First I practiced stippling on a baby quilt panel that I had inherited from Grandma Dott.  It has a high loft poly batting, which makes it nice and fluffy.









As a newbie quilter, I posted on our neighborhood Facebook page that I was looking for some quilts to practice stippling on at a very discounted price.  I got several quilt tops…thank goodness for quilters who are brave enough to give a new quilter one of their precious tops!  My neighbor down the street loves to piece tops and has a big stack of them waiting to be quilted. She brought me this queen sized top.

family 056

Here is a close up of the stipple size and a picture of my favorite print in her quilt.  The rectangular rose print.  I am not really a pink sort of girl, but I love the colors in this quilt!


family 051

I also got this beautiful baby quilt from a friend of another neighbor.  I was nervous about this one because she usually pays top dollar to very experienced quilters.  I used a green from Superior and it blended beautifully with all the colors.



When I was at my quilter’s boot camp, I was so frustrated by the Pantovision (digital pantograph) that I went home feeling overwhelmed and horrified that I had taken out a loan to buy this longarm when I couldn’t even trace a pattern and make it look good.  Free motion quilting came much more naturally and was so much fun.   I am happy to say that I have made pretty good progress and now pantographs don’t scare me anymore.


Stars, Hexies, Triangles, Bubbles and More

My sweet friend saw me hand piecing hexies one day and had a quilters aha moment…you know, the “I can do this…it would be a great thing” moment.  She went to work lightening fast and before I knew it she had pieced 3 quilt tops!  Not easy ones either.  One is her own pattern, one is y seams and the other is a lot of little corners to match up! She did a beautiful job and allowed me the honor of quilting her first quilts…I remember my feelings of trepidation taking my first quilt to the LQS to be quilted. What if they lost it or ruined it or I hated the quilting???  Giving up control is some times a hard thing with personal creations! I love the quilting patterns she choose and want to share her quilts with you (with permission, of course!)

Here is the largest quilt…I love the gray background. This is a quilt that helped me change my mind about gray backgrounds.  I am typically a white and lots of it background girl.  She choose straight line quilting for this one.  A new quilting technique for me.  Sorry, I don’t know the name of this pattern to give its’ creator credit.  If you do, I would love to add a note!

family 348








I love how the straight line softly compliments the piecing. I didn’t channel lock it, instead I used a straight ruler to allow the lines to adjust slightly to the piecing.

straight line quilting

Here is the very first one she pieced – y seams on the machine – no less!  Not a beginner project for the faint of heart! I believe this quilt is done with Figtree fabrics – which I LOVE!  The colors are so beautifully blended.

family 341








For me the colors make a cozy safe place sort of feeling.  Another first in quilting patterns – orange peel.  I did this one with a circle ruler.  I used my pantovision orange peel pattern for 2 rows and hated it, so I unpicked for quite awhile and redid it free hand with the ruler.

orange peel quilting

The third quilt she did without a pattern..Can you believe it?!  Brand new to piecing and quilting and she makes up her own pattern.  I love how it looks like woven candy. I love the fabric collection in this quilt too.  This quilting pattern was also a new pattern to me.  It is a Bubbles pattern that I believe I bought from Urban Elements as a digital pantograph for my Innova Pantovision.

family 336 family 337 family 339 family 340














I hand delivered these beauties to my friend at her LQS. It was super fun to see her excitement and loving her quilts and sharing them with her LQS friends. Thank you, dear Mandy, for trusting me with your quilty babie

HQMS 2014 Utah was Fabulous!

Flash back to one year ago when my quilting journey began! I wrote this and never published it! Next time I will share this years HMQS…I have learned so much in a year that it is amazing to me

hmmm….somehow I changed the font and don’t know how to fix it now….I really didn’t mean to have a header in bold and giant!

This is me!  I am there!  Well, I was there!  My first HQMS ever and it was SO fun!  I spent all day Wednesday taking classes and how I wished money grew on trees.  I could have taken classes Thursday – Saturday and learned so much!  I had three classes on Wednesday. My teachers were Linda V. Taylor, Dawn Cavanagh, and Georgia Stull.  Linda is so personable and very, very nice.  She was funny and helped relieve some of my fears about trying longarm quilting.  Dawn gave us some practice sheets which I have diligently been practicing 30 minutes a day with paper and markers or a white board.  Georgia is from Heartland Quilt Works in Missouri.  Ahh, my growing up state.  She gave me lots of great ideas on how to proceed with my dreams!

I got to go to Judi Madisen’s trunk show.  She is the owner of Green Fairy Quilts.  She is an amazing quilter!!!  I got to talk to her very briefly afterwards when I purchased her new quilting book.  It is even signed.  The Elf Princess just sighs and rolls her eyes at this point, but I am in awe of Judi’s talent so getting to meet her was a big deal to me.   Judi was a featured artist at the show and we (my Mom went with me on Thursday) got to ohh and ahh and be amazed together at her work.  She said one of the quilts took her 100 hours to quilt.  And no that it not a typo – 100 IS the correct number.  The patience alone is awe inspiring!


This picture is copied from her blog about HQMS.

There was a quilt that my sister Michele would have loved.  She loved rainbow colors and this quilt reminded me of her.  Seeing it was like having a little piece of her with me at the show.

On Friday, the best husband on the planet joined me there.  And yes, it was MY husband….I didn’t borrow anyone else’s. haha  He has been doing longarm quilting machine homework since December and bought me one while we were there!  There are NO words to express my excitement!   I have been holding back, afraid of the money commitment and my ability to get good enough on it and he has encouraged me and helped me take another step forward in my quilting desires! Thanks honey!  I got an 18″ Innova with Pantovision.  It is on an 12 foot frame so I can finally quilt our california king quilt top that I did about 1 1/2 years ago.





My Innova Longarm is FINALLY here!

Monday morning and I was Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new baby – my Innova Longarm Quilting Machine!

blocks, innova installation others 017










It was a few hours late so I puttered around my quilting/sewing studio…It finally arrived!

blocks, innova installation others 023










The first piece is one of the 12 foot leaders!

blocks, innova installation others 024











Here is the side piece!

blocks, innova installation others 025











The frame is almost done!  I hovered the whole time – excited to see it nearing completion!  Mike, the co-owner, was very patient with my hovering.

blocks, innova installation others 027











Here is the actual sewing part!  Woot Woot!

blocks, innova installation others 032











It is finally time to play!

blocks, innova installation others 031











The tablet with Pantovision.  It came with 50 pantograph patterns, but I stand up front and trace it on the tablet instead of behind the machine with a laser light.

I played a little Monday at home and then went to three days of 9 to 5 classes with Renae  Haddadin from Quilts on the Corner.  She is a fabulous quilter – she got Best of Show at Paducah last year.  She was marvelous, as was her whole team!  See all her ribbons?!  I used this photo off her website, since somehow I lost the whole first days worth of pictures!  ARG!  I did ask permission to take her photo so I don’t think she will mind me borrowing one of hers.

My children all decided they are grateful that I am a stay at home mom normally. It was super fun and overwhelming.  I missed my kids and it made for long days and short nights, but I am so happy I got to go learn.  Blessed to have a husband who is excited about my new adventure and is supporting it financially. Now it is time to practice, practice and practice some more.  The experts make it look sooooooo easy and it really isn’t!

Happy Wednesday!