Dogs and Vomit

I don’t mind ironing, in fact, I find it quite calming and a time to reflect, worry, plan or listen to books.  Typically, I iron very early in the morning (6:15 to be exact) before my hubby goes to work and before the kids wake up.  Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well and didn’t want to get up to iron, so I stole a few moments to iron before scriptures and prayers time.  The three littles were suppose to be getting on pj’s, and flossing and brushing their teeth.  Brownie decided she was still a bit hungry and asked if she could have a slice of the hamburger pizza we ate for dinner.  I assumed she was hungry again since we eat early on Tuesdays, because the hubby has church meetings at 6 pm.  So I said yes.

I was lost in thought, ironing school uniforms when it occurs to me that I might have heard throw up sounds.  I paused and listened…no noises…so I holler as best I can with my hoarse coughy voice, “Are you okay?”  No response.  Then I definitely heard throw up noises.  I set the iron down and tried to hurry into the kitchen, but my slipper caught the iron cord and pulled it over onto my elbow and down onto the carpet.  I scooped the iron up and set it on the board and ran to the kitchen.  There stood Brownie, at the edge of the table, throwing up.   Doug, our dog, is standing under her eating the throw up as fast as he can.  SO DISGUSTING!!!  She throws up one more time – right on his head.  He isn’t even phased – just keeps eating.  I said to myself, “I don’t even know what to do with this!”  I pushed Doug away with my foot and as soon as Brownie stopped throwing up, I sent her to the bathroom.

I stared at Doug and finally figured out how to start. I got paper towels and clumsily tried wiping it off his ears, head and collar and took him to his bed and put him on tie down.  Then I went back to the kitchen for clean up duty.  All the while, poor Brownie was throwing up in the toilet.  Blondie, bless her heart, was in the bathroom with Brownie, holding her hair back out of the throw up.  Such a sweet sister.

Poor little Brownie threw up so hard she broke lots of little blood vessels in her face.  They still show this morning. She looks pale but mottled. Not her best look! I let her sleep in and stay home because her tummy still hurts and no one wants to be the little girl that threw up in class…because no one ever forgets stuff like that…

Oh, and my elbow is sporting a quarter sized blistery burn from the iron!

Hope your Tuesday night was less exciting and disgusting!  🙂


Wow – Sew Many Projects – Sew Little Time

It has almost been a year since I posted…mainly because in my free down time…hmmm….what is the right word?  In the moments I choose to ignore all the rest of the my responsibilities (especially laundry, dishes and cooking), I would rather be piecing one of my MANY projects or longarm quilting on my Innova than blogging. Plain, undiluted truth!

So what has happened in the past year!?

My handsome hubby still works hard for us every day.  He has an Etsy shop where he sells his wood turned bowls and pens.  They are awesome!  He is really into tree and wood books.

Elf Princess is dating and driving and already had her first accident – in MY car, of course!  She also got her first job at a fast food place and Loves (not) the hat she gets to wear. haha

Miss America is still beautiful and smart.  Her art teacher entered some of her art in the school art contest and she won 2 ribbons. She was the manager for the wrestling team (smart girl – haha)

My son (been so long that I forgot his nickname-heehee) managed to survive and pass 5th grade.  I hate homework more than he does!  He earned his Bear badge and almost has his Weblos badge.  He still loves Legos and reading.

Blondie got baptized a member of our church – Loves school – this is an accomplishment because she had kindergarten anxiety so bad we did home school with her. She still loves dancing and crafts.

Brownie started Kindergarten – so excited that the first morning I didn’t even get a kiss good bye.  As soon as the car stopped she jumped out and ran to the playground.  Made me sad!  But was much better than 10 minutes of crying and pulling Blondie off me every morning for weeks of 1st grade.

We have a new addition to the family.  We named him Doug.  He is a beagle/cow mix.  Not really – he is a beagle and something, but his coat looks like a black and white cow.  We rescued him from the local pound and that day in January was better than Christmas at our house for the kids.  He is a sweet dog that is totally fixated on food!

Another school year is almost over and the summer fun is about to start!  Yay!

For me –  what did I do?!  Lots of great things – lots of firsts!

I will keep it to 10 top things: (not in any particular order)

1. I joined a quilting guild – love it!

2. I joined a long arm quilting guild and am learning so much!

3. I have quilted for customers – very exciting- and gotten paid!

4. I got a new Viking Sapphire 875 Quilt sewing machine

5. My sweet hubby built me a new fabulous sewing space

6. I got called to work in the Nursery at our church – I get to play with the kids 18 months to 3 years for 2 hours every Sunday with my hubby!  It is so much fun!

7. I joined a Bonnie and Camille swap.  They are fabric designers for Moda.  Love their fabrics!  Of course, the swap gave me the perfect excuse to stock up on their fabrics!

8. I joined Instagram and have participated in a few swaps and found a lot of really great quilty friends!

9. I got way more involved in the PTA at the elementary and at the Jr High than I ever intended to be!  I feel less sewing time coming up!

10. I got to go the Home Machine Quilting Show and take classes from Judi Madison and Angela Walters!

Lastly and MOST important – My 23rd year of marriage was great and I am so grateful that we still want to be together!  (I love you so much, honey – thanks for your love and support!)

Summer plans?!  The usual – parks, swimming, gardening, biking, hiking and, of course – LOTS of sewing and hopefully more customer quilts to quilts!  One very exciting addition to this summer is my sister and her family coming to spend a week with us!  We can hardly wait!

Happy Sewing!  Thanks for visiting!  Promise to blog more often and with pictures next time! Jules



Blessings of Summer

There are so many blessings that come with summer – more time with my children – no nagging about homework  – less roaring around to get to things on time – less lessons – less stress!

Every morning I wake up to the beautiful songs of the many birds that share our neighborhood with us.  In return, I leave my big strawberry patch unprotected so they can enjoy a strawberry or two.  I tried several times this week to get a picture of one particular robin that loves the strawberry patch, but it kept hopping behind the big rock to hide or flying off.  A friend suggested I cover the strawberries to keep the birds out of them, but I know God is generous to let my patch produce so many strawberries, so I want to be generous to His other creations.  Thursday morning we picked and ate as many as we wanted and these are the leftovers…with many more ripe soon.  We have made 4 batches of freezer jam and shared bowls full.

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 071










This beautiful purple flower is full of honey bees – love the buzzing they make. The little brownish specs are the bees – there are about 7 bees in this picture.

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 072











My little rose garden is blooming and most of them survived a mass die back this winter and are growing beautifully. They make me happy inside and they smell so good.

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 078










Green grass to play on, a neighborhood we feel safe living and playing outside in, enough water to drink, keep things green and to play in.  Notice the white stripe right down the middle of the lawn?  That is from the slippery slide the kids enjoyed last week.  After such a cloudy gray spring, I am especially enjoying our beautiful blue summer skies!

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 077










Let’s not forget popsicles, picnics, sunrises, sunsets, bike rides, working in the yard in the early morning coolness before the sun peeks over the mountains, hikes in the mountains, tubing down the river, camping, reading in funny places, and family reunions. I didn’t get a picture but one day we had a family of Quail bobbing in and out of our raspberry patch.  The dad, mom and 5 babies.  They were so cute.  We watched and watched for them again, but we never saw them again.

What are your summer blessings?

1st Week of Summer Equals Success! Wahoo!

When Blondie got up Saturday morning and announced she was Booorrred!  I thought I was doomed to a long summer of whining! After all it was officially still just another weekend.  But after one week of summer, I haven’t heard that phrase very often – thankfully! We have kept super busy with a variety of activities. First up (actually this was Thursday, May 29) Brownie graduated from preschool and is officially going to Kindergarten in the fall.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Her hair is naturally hombre. She didn’t want to dress up – she wanted to wear her preschool t-shirt one last time.



Monday morning was busy with piano lessons, my very first quilt class ever at a LQS, the Elf Princess started Drivers Ed and Miss America started basketball camp at the High School. Both teenagers decided to go makeup less this summer and the Elf Princess isn’t going to use heat on her hair.  She came home from Drivers Ed all horrified that her class was full of super HOT boys and she didn’t wear makeup.  I thought for sure she would break her vow, but nope, she has gone makeup less all week so far. I am happy that she is comfortable enough with her beautiful face so she can go without makeup. MIss America is off to bball camp.


The afternoon was spent moving sand from our neighbors yard to our yard for our new pool.  We splurged with our tax return this summer and got a bigger pool – bigger kids need more space. Bigger pool equals more sand.  Today I am weary of sand and setting up the pool so I am resting while I blog.  I am sure the nagging will be begin to finish getting it ready so we can start filling it today.  haha – as I was typing that, Blondie asked if we could fill the pool today.  I reminded her that the last big pile of sand has to be shoveled into the wheelbarrow and moved so we can lay the pavers around the pool. Everyone must be as tired as I am because no one moves when I mention the sand pile.

Tuesday morning we went to the theater for the kids summer movie club. That was relaxing. After the movie, we drove the big white truck to the quarry at the base of the mountain for another load of sand.  The teenagers got to unload that one.  They shoveled it into the wheelbarrow and I hauled it to the spot.  I swear that was the biggest load ever!  And we have hauled lots of sand throughout the years. Piles everywhere!  It ended up being too much sand for the pool space, so we added more to the sandboxes. We had to lower the ground so we also now have a big dirt pile for them to play in.  Tuesday night we wanted to go play in a splash pad but when we went out to the car, the rear tire was low.  I drove to the gas station to pump it up and found it had a screw in the tread so we came home and had Creamies and watched a show instead.

Wednesday morning the tire was sitting on the rim, so I pumped it up and drove to the tire store.  Thankfully it is under warranty and it didn’t cost me anything.  Blondie has a sinus thing going on and complained about her ear the whole time we were waiting so I called our chiropractor and he squeezed her in to do a sinus and ear adjustment.  We got home with 5 minutes to spare before I was suppose to start teaching my kids sewing class. whew!  Sewing class was fun.  Blondie kept telling her friends at school about her sewing projects so one of the moms asked if I taught classes.  I didn’t but I decided to….8 classes this summer.  Brownie, of course, insisted on being one of the students.


They made Kleenex covers and water bottle covers.  Brownie is too short to reach the pedal and another student is too afraid to push the pedal so I had to sit beside them and push the pedal for them.  We ended class with Popsicles. Next week we are making easy bags. Wednesday afternoon in the blazing hot sun (the tarp and sand were so hot they were burning our feet – I HAD to wear shoes! That is against the rules in the summer!) Miss America and I struggled and were frustrated putting the pool poles into the little support pocket things for a couple of hours. Only hours later to find a random piece of blank cardboard in the bottom of the pool box that actually had a tip on the other side to make the pool insertion easier!  ARG! Get them wet first.  That would have been nice to know!


This is the pool and the pile of sand that no one wants to move yet. I am too tired to make a fuss about it.  The crazy thing about hauling, moving, and leveling all the sand is the places that hurt on me – my stomach muscles and my elbows.  Go figure.


The big kids are mad because I am only going to let them fill it to a safe level on Brownie – which means not the full 4 feet.






Of course – summer means computer games!  He loves the Spirit Animal books. Special thanks to my little brother!  There is this game that goes with the books that my son just discovered.  I, of course, have to be the mean mom and try to limit him to an hour a day.


The empty pool box makes a fun fort – lots of strawberry eating and book reading going on in there.  Then a big bee buzzed in and they came screaming out and that was the end of the box this morning. LOL

It is only Thursday – we still have scouts today.  They will be cooking – hope it is edible.  haha  Tonight is the school party at an outside aquatic center. The kids are super excited about that.

Not to mention all the friends coming and going – and the tv being on every time I turn around – not a tv fan!  The teasing and wrestling, staying up late and getting up late – oh NOT!  They keep forgetting that part – everyone is up by 7:30/8:00 am. Well, not the teenagers. Where is MY peaceful time?!  I am being the “meanest Mom” ever.  They can’t even ask me for something until their chore and piano practicing it done.  4 days into summer and that is still working pretty good.  Now to get it to last ALL summer….

Happy Summer!  How was your first week?











Lovely antique find in an old hotel

My husband is so….cutethoughtfulfunny, hmmm….can’t think of the perfect word, so I will go another route.  He recently passed the date of being married longer than he was single.  Forever he said it was his longer married than alive date and we teased him to no end.   He really made me feel special because he wanted to celebrate that date.  Romantic!  That is a good word for this.  He wanted to do a mini honeymoon thing so we booked a room at the Ben Lomond Suites Hotel.  It is historic and beautiful.  The pictures don’t do it justice at all!

The lobby is gorgeous! I wish I could find a picture or multiple pics of it so you could see it beauty!

<a href=”″><img alt=”” src=””/></a><br/>This photo of Ben Lomond Suites Historic Hotel, an Ascend Collection Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We went to dinner at the Prairie Schooner.  It has lots of atmosphere.

We sat in the far end left covered wagon during dinner.  It was quiet and intimate with the cover over the table.  On the wall was an old fashioned lantern that we could turn up or down for more or less light.

The next morning we explored the antique shop in the basement of the hotel.  That was really fun and we bought some souvenirs for ourselves there.  This was my find.

antique quilt 008










Hand quilted

Hand quilted















The hand stitching is crooked and large and I love it.

antique quilt 005













I have no idea how old it is – but it has been washed and it is wrinkly.  The top picture of it on the fence is where it is going to hang in my quilting studio Thursday at 10:30 am.  Actually it is already hanging there and I think I am going to leave it during preschool graduation.  My hubby, of course, got an old tool – a hand saw to display in his wood shop.

All in all – I had a wonderful time celebrating our marriage vs being single – it has been a wonderful 23 years and I am looking forward to eternity with him!

Have you been to any cool places lately or found a lovely antique you couldn’t pass up?  Happy Wednesday! (complete side note – 2 more days of school!  yay!)

Sadly, Summer is Over!

So…it has been months since I made time to sit and write…actually that isn’t true.  I have tried a couple of time to insert pictures and I am sooooo slow at it that I have been interrupted every time and my poor blog has continued to sit idle.

And now summer is gone!  The elementary munchkins go back to school on Monday.  The Jr High group has basketball camp next week and start school the following Monday.  It will just be me and Brownie a la mode this fall.  She is an October baby so she has one more year being my little buddy.  Yea for me!  Although I must admit, some days I just can’t bear one more second of polly pockets.

This summer went by super quick!  The Wednesday following schools end, our church youth group went to youth conference. Then the very next Monday, the girls and I went to a week long girls camp.  Both were great experiences!  Then we had a week to get all our after school sorting and cleaning done before the week long family reunion – a lot of which was at my home.  Family came before the reunion and we had family stay the week after the reunion, which was fun!   During the reunion we had 20 people sleeping at our house.  Some nights we had 22.  It was full but awesome!  Somewhere along the line the girls went to high school basketball camp. They both have summer babysitting jobs and we are volunteers at our local pioneer attraction – This Is The Place Heritage Park.  Every Tuesday for 4 hours, we dress like pioneers and give tours of our site, The Andrus Halfway Home.  It was a hotel and it was named halfway because it was halfway from the northern hotel to the southern hotel.  We also get to paper piece a quilt together from retired pioneer dresses.  Which, quite frankly is my Favorite part!

My second daughter moved out of her beautiful shared room into our game room and made a room with sheet walls.  Differences of cleaning preferences got the best of her patience.  We have spent the last two weeks emptying our “library” and switching all 7 book cases around to make more official walls for her bedroom.  I swear we have at least 1 million books!  Which are currently still in very tall precarious stacks as we haven’t attached all the bookcases to the ceiling or each other so they are safe and not death traps for unsuspecting persons!

To add to the chaos of it all, my clothes washer keeps going on strike!  Arg!  After a week without it, I finally gave in and did 3 humongous loads at the laundry mat and $16 later we had some clean clothes.  I found the manual and it said to flip the breaker and run it on cold.  Viola!  I had a washer again for a couple of days and then I had to repeat the breaker trick again.  Thank goodness because Blondie ended up with the throw ups that started early in the morning at Wal-Mart and again in the car on the way home!  We were birthday shopping for my son and had just put the last present in the cart when she looked up at me with watery blue eyes and said I think I am going to throw up because my mouth keeps doing this.  And then she mimicked dry heaves.  Good Grief!  We practically run, cart and all, to the front of the store to the bathroom and made it JUST in time!  Tender mercies abound!  We have car sickness in our family so we keep an official throw up bucket in our car but it was clear in back and she couldn’t get to it.  I am frantically driving home and she says I think I am going to throw up again.  I am one handedly trying to dump presents out of the shopping bag, I finally get all the goodies out and hand it to her and she says, “it has holes”.  Which apparently disqualified it as a throw up catcher.  I search around for something, anything which would not be ruined or missed it if got thrown away and found a thick handful of napkins and handed them to her to put in the bag.  Who knows where the napkins came from….they aren’t even the kind I buy.  Another tender mercy!  She thinks throwing up spit is harder than throwing up a donut.  Lucky you I have no throw up pictures to share.  haha

We spent the last week trying to find a few clothes for school.  Uniforms are the most fabulous invention on the planet, in my opinion.  Cuts down on shopping year after year.  However, this year, the son grew over an inch and no longer has a single pair of pants that will work.  And, of course, as our shopping life goes, he only found 2 pairs to fit him.  One khaki and one navy.  sigh…. Still haven’t managed to find a pair of tennis shoes that pass Mary’s discerning shoe fashion sense….Guess we better get to it since flip flops aren’t an option Monday morning!

I am sad to send my sweet littles off to school again!  I have to turn into the nag and I don’t get to see them much!