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Dogs and Vomit

I don’t mind ironing, in fact, I find it quite calming and a time to reflect, worry, plan or listen to books.  Typically, I iron very early in the morning (6:15 to be exact) before my hubby goes to work and before the kids wake up.  Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well and didn’t want to get up to iron, so I stole a few moments to iron before scriptures and prayers time.  The three littles were suppose to be getting on pj’s, and flossing and brushing their teeth.  Brownie decided she was still a bit hungry and asked if she could have a slice of the hamburger pizza we ate for dinner.  I assumed she was hungry again since we eat early on Tuesdays, because the hubby has church meetings at 6 pm.  So I said yes.

I was lost in thought, ironing school uniforms when it occurs to me that I might have heard throw up sounds.  I paused and listened…no noises…so I holler as best I can with my hoarse coughy voice, “Are you okay?”  No response.  Then I definitely heard throw up noises.  I set the iron down and tried to hurry into the kitchen, but my slipper caught the iron cord and pulled it over onto my elbow and down onto the carpet.  I scooped the iron up and set it on the board and ran to the kitchen.  There stood Brownie, at the edge of the table, throwing up.   Doug, our dog, is standing under her eating the throw up as fast as he can.  SO DISGUSTING!!!  She throws up one more time – right on his head.  He isn’t even phased – just keeps eating.  I said to myself, “I don’t even know what to do with this!”  I pushed Doug away with my foot and as soon as Brownie stopped throwing up, I sent her to the bathroom.

I stared at Doug and finally figured out how to start. I got paper towels and clumsily tried wiping it off his ears, head and collar and took him to his bed and put him on tie down.  Then I went back to the kitchen for clean up duty.  All the while, poor Brownie was throwing up in the toilet.  Blondie, bless her heart, was in the bathroom with Brownie, holding her hair back out of the throw up.  Such a sweet sister.

Poor little Brownie threw up so hard she broke lots of little blood vessels in her face.  They still show this morning. She looks pale but mottled. Not her best look! I let her sleep in and stay home because her tummy still hurts and no one wants to be the little girl that threw up in class…because no one ever forgets stuff like that…

Oh, and my elbow is sporting a quarter sized blistery burn from the iron!

Hope your Tuesday night was less exciting and disgusting!  🙂