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June Supernova Block and 25 things you didn’t know about me

Reblog from Scrappy Hearts:  This is the blog post my friendship swap partner, Joyce, did on her blog.  I, of course, am not as put together as she is – so I am using her fun post to share about the supernova swap we are participating in.

Introducing JuIie!


This is Julie’s block for our Supernova swap. She is so good. I had her block long before the deadline of June 15th. Me, on the other hand, I mailed my block to her on the 15th. Then it got sent back to me. Then it got sent back to her. It was a nightmare! Now she has it and she likes it. Yippee!

During this time, from when we first found out about the swap, to when we first decided to take this journey together, Julie has become my online friend. She has been understanding and forgiving. We have the same tastes in colors and I believe we probably have similar temperments. Julie was teaching pre-school when we first began corresponding. Now Julie is the proud owner of a longarm machine and she is busy practicing her skills so that she can begin a long-arm quilting business.


Along with our first blocks, we were directed to send along a list of 25 things about ourselves. Today I am pleased to introduce you to my friend,Julie, in her own words. You just won’t believe how similar we are!

(the first sentence is mine (Julie’s)  – the second sentence is Joyce’s.  I agree with her- it is funny how similar we are. Of the 25 things we had to share 11 of them are very similar)

My favorite treat is Peanut M&M’s.   Peanut M&M’s are the only treat I will buy.

I love water parks.   Water parks were my favorite place to take my kiddos, mostly because I love them!

I like to garden.   I have always loved to garden. I had my own garden in the yard, at the house, where I grew up.

I have been to 40 of the 50 states, 3 countries and 2 continents. It is my personal goal to visit everyone of our National Parks and I have not counted the number of states that I have visited. In the meantime I have been to 11 countries and 2 continents.

I like baskets and candlesticks.  I used to sell Longaberger and I have a sign in my house, “Whoever dies with the most baskets, wins!” Hmmm, candlesticks, something new to collect! 😉

I like hedgehogs. I have a hedgehog stamp.

I love to travel and have adventures. Exploring “new to me” places is my favorite thing to do, local or otherwise.

I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising in college – then switched to Special Ed/Multicultural Education. My first degree is in Advertising & Communications which I received from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. The Ad/Comm major was closely related to the Fashion, Buying and Merchandising major and we took many of the same classes. Jump forward 20 years and I went back to school for my teaching certificate. (Can you believe the similarities?)

I like to get up with the sun.  Here is where we differ, I like to sleep in til noon and stay up very late!

I like fresh flowers and candlelight dinners. Me too, but I do not like to cut flowers from my garden. I will have to get over that since I cannot afford to buy them!

I have way more projects going than I will ever be able to complete. I found myself sobbing about this not too long ago. I told my husband I was going to die before all my projects were complete. It really upset me!

Well, there’s a bit about Julie and a bit more about me! And here is one last peek at Julie’s June block.


Can’t wait to see what our challenge is for this month!

Supernova Update (more pics borrowed from Joyce’s blog of the block she made.  I totally LOVE her block and I wasn’t so crazy about how mine turned out)


I am loving how my supernova block turned out! I hope my buddy in Utah likes it also!


me talking now – it is time to begin the July block.  I have picked up a few more fabrics that have a little more blending of colors so maybe I will like it better this month.  It has been super fun getting to know Joyce and working on blocks together.  It is amazing how similar we are – I lived in New Jersey for 1 1/2 years and loved it.  Wish I could visit where Joyce lives.  I agree with Joyce – I am anxious to see what the friendship assignment for July will be….

Happy July 1st!