My Innova Longarm is FINALLY here!

Monday morning and I was Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new baby – my Innova Longarm Quilting Machine!

blocks, innova installation others 017










It was a few hours late so I puttered around my quilting/sewing studio…It finally arrived!

blocks, innova installation others 023










The first piece is one of the 12 foot leaders!

blocks, innova installation others 024











Here is the side piece!

blocks, innova installation others 025











The frame is almost done!  I hovered the whole time – excited to see it nearing completion!  Mike, the co-owner, was very patient with my hovering.

blocks, innova installation others 027











Here is the actual sewing part!  Woot Woot!

blocks, innova installation others 032











It is finally time to play!

blocks, innova installation others 031











The tablet with Pantovision.  It came with 50 pantograph patterns, but I stand up front and trace it on the tablet instead of behind the machine with a laser light.

I played a little Monday at home and then went to three days of 9 to 5 classes with Renae  Haddadin from Quilts on the Corner.  She is a fabulous quilter – she got Best of Show at Paducah last year.  She was marvelous, as was her whole team!  See all her ribbons?!  I used this photo off her website, since somehow I lost the whole first days worth of pictures!  ARG!  I did ask permission to take her photo so I don’t think she will mind me borrowing one of hers.

My children all decided they are grateful that I am a stay at home mom normally. It was super fun and overwhelming.  I missed my kids and it made for long days and short nights, but I am so happy I got to go learn.  Blessed to have a husband who is excited about my new adventure and is supporting it financially. Now it is time to practice, practice and practice some more.  The experts make it look sooooooo easy and it really isn’t!

Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “My Innova Longarm is FINALLY here!

  1. They are big machines! I can just see you hovering! I would have been. 🙂 What kind of fabric do you have on there? Looks way to exciting!!!! Keep us posted occasionally……. ;0)

  2. I got to play on the long arm for a few minutes! It was fun. I tried all kinds of things on the little square I filled in. I noticed I have a tendency to doodle just like I do on paper: I ended up with a flower and a lopsided butterfly and a square-headed snail (it’s not that easy) = )

  3. How are you liking your innova now? I am thinking of getting one and just curious what your likes and dislikes are? Do you wish you would of got a different size or options? Have you had any issues with it?

    • sorry to take so long…Quilt Fest was this week and I was gone for my 23rd anniversary this weekend.

      I LOVE my Innova. It is fun and easy. No oiling needed – just blow out the bobbin casing each time I change a bobbin. I got the lighting stitch which makes changing stitch lengths and knowing when my bobbin is almost out SO easy. I am not super mechanical so the less effort there the better for my sanity. I went with the smallest arm for money reasons but wish I had gone the next size up – just because I am impatient and don’t want to stop playing to roll.

      I also bought the Pantovision – it is expensive but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it….I pick the pattern, put the size of the quilt in and it adjusts the pantograph to perfectly fit my quilt!!!! Amazing! It is like having a never ending supply of pantographs – plus I can buy and download digital patterns online – such a bargain for the money!!!! With pantovision, I sew from the front and can see exactly where the stitching is – no walking back and forth. Having that also allows me to have the machine closer to the wall because I don’t go back and forth frequently. When I do need to slip behind, it is a bit snug but frees up more space in my room.

      As for loading – The red snappers from Renae Haddadin at Quilts on the Corner, are so quick and easy – no pinning, no zippers, very little effort to load. The thought of pinning every inch or so puts me over the edge. My quilting time is limited and I don’t want to waste it pinning. Also because the red snappers clamp over the entire edge it is more stable as I roll it and easier to get the proper quilt tension.

      I went basic on everything else and so far I love it all. I accidentally turned it on and caught my fabric as I was moving across and broke a needle. That was easy to change. Renae has a ton of videos on youtube so it is like getting personal help every time I need to do something and and want to make sure I do it right. Innova also has videos on their website. Help abounds – which I really love. Renae also does a 3 day class hands on that was fabulous! I am assuming if you are not in Utah, your Innova person would have a similar class. If not, I recommend Renae’s.

      I have not had any issues at all. I bought the TOWA bobbin case tension gauge and that is Wonderful! No bottom tension problems – just easy adjustments on top. I can’t think of any dislikes. I do wish I had the light bar above it…I thought I had pretty good overhead lighting, but I wish I had more. Also, at some point, I would like to buy the computer for easy all over customer quilting. When I earn enough to make the payments I will probably do that.

      I sewed measuring tapes to all three leaders and that makes lining up everything so easy! Again, that is on youtube with Renae.

      The machine is easy, quiet, and has easy add ons – I recommend it. Happy Choosing!

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