Blessings of Summer

There are so many blessings that come with summer – more time with my children – no nagging about homework  – less roaring around to get to things on time – less lessons – less stress!

Every morning I wake up to the beautiful songs of the many birds that share our neighborhood with us.  In return, I leave my big strawberry patch unprotected so they can enjoy a strawberry or two.  I tried several times this week to get a picture of one particular robin that loves the strawberry patch, but it kept hopping behind the big rock to hide or flying off.  A friend suggested I cover the strawberries to keep the birds out of them, but I know God is generous to let my patch produce so many strawberries, so I want to be generous to His other creations.  Thursday morning we picked and ate as many as we wanted and these are the leftovers…with many more ripe soon.  We have made 4 batches of freezer jam and shared bowls full.

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 071










This beautiful purple flower is full of honey bees – love the buzzing they make. The little brownish specs are the bees – there are about 7 bees in this picture.

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 072











My little rose garden is blooming and most of them survived a mass die back this winter and are growing beautifully. They make me happy inside and they smell so good.

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 078










Green grass to play on, a neighborhood we feel safe living and playing outside in, enough water to drink, keep things green and to play in.  Notice the white stripe right down the middle of the lawn?  That is from the slippery slide the kids enjoyed last week.  After such a cloudy gray spring, I am especially enjoying our beautiful blue summer skies!

supernova, 1st week of June 2014 077










Let’s not forget popsicles, picnics, sunrises, sunsets, bike rides, working in the yard in the early morning coolness before the sun peeks over the mountains, hikes in the mountains, tubing down the river, camping, reading in funny places, and family reunions. I didn’t get a picture but one day we had a family of Quail bobbing in and out of our raspberry patch.  The dad, mom and 5 babies.  They were so cute.  We watched and watched for them again, but we never saw them again.

What are your summer blessings?


3 thoughts on “Blessings of Summer

  1. I really enjoyed this post! It always amazes me how many things are in your yard! My summer blessings include a healing ankle, a cheerful cast, a swamp cooler, and a chance to slow down and observe my surroundings. Because I need to keep my foot elevated still, I have watched the trees sway in the breeze. There is a tall one across the street that is fun to watch. Listening to the nest of baby birds, watching the birds at the feeder, and seeing the different ones through the door is quite fun. I love your little robin….it’s fun to see the personality of birds. We have a robin that wakes me up at 5:15 with its cheerful song. It also has a good night version.
    Cam got a little kitty that is fun to try to play with and to watch. That little thing zooms! I don’t think I have ever seen such a fast kitten.
    Strawberry jam is so yummy! I found a new pectin that takes no cooking and less sugar. Text me and I will tell you about it. I even made raspberry jam with it!
    I have especially enjoyed looking at all the flowers this spring and summer. Heaven Father was very wise to create such lovely plants. A walk out in His beauty truly soothes the soul!!!

  2. We have a row of green beans and two rows of table beets growing in the back of a flower border. The leaves are pretty and the beans are blossoming, but the flowers are glorious! I love gaillardia or blanket flower. We have several varieties: reds and oranges and peach colors with yellow fringe on each petal, and a yellow with red throats. A little girl stopped to tell me how much she liked our flowers – especially the red and yellow ones. There are red and white cone flowers, strawberry dianthus, balloon flowers (which haven’t bloomed yet but will be blue), masses of purple and yellow violas, and a variety of impatiens, along with the purple sage and honey bees. And Dad’s carefully tended green lawn. Most days we get serenaded by a house finch or two. There are two families of wild ducks on the canal. We get a lot of pleasure watching those little fluff balls grow up over the summer. = ) One thing I crave every summer is the sound of a little stream and the smell of pine trees! We have enjoyed some of Jules’ strawberries and seen Connie’s cheerful cast – along with an oriole that was flying about her place when we were there.

  3. Our summer has consisted of cleaning out the house, re-doing rooms to fit our needs/personalities – making a school room downstairs, and creating a nature study area outside the school room window. We have flowers in our new window box, a bird bath, 5 bird feeders, 3 bird houses, and will be adding a butterfly feeder as soon as I tie the hangers on it.

    Hubby is getting rid of the tree stumps, I am planning for my raised bed garden, and trying to just take advantage of the decent weather. It is about to get to the nasty stuff ugh. I have been making window flower boxes and bookcases the last couple of days.

    My youngest sister and her kids came for 4 days and helped me have a HUGE yardsale – we got rid of about 45 boxes of STUFF and some furniture.

    We have been swimming a few times, eaten lots of popcicles, and are preparing for girls camp next week. and I have been making window flower boxes and bookcases the last couple of days.

    I am going to finish sorting and getting rid of stuff, paint a couple of rooms, stock my new bookcases, and plan next school year while the big girls are gone next, We will start the new year on the first of July. =) We will take a break when Gma and Gpa come, of course! 😉

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