Lovely antique find in an old hotel

My husband is so….cutethoughtfulfunny, hmmm….can’t think of the perfect word, so I will go another route.  He recently passed the date of being married longer than he was single.  Forever he said it was his longer married than alive date and we teased him to no end.   He really made me feel special because he wanted to celebrate that date.  Romantic!  That is a good word for this.  He wanted to do a mini honeymoon thing so we booked a room at the Ben Lomond Suites Hotel.  It is historic and beautiful.  The pictures don’t do it justice at all!

The lobby is gorgeous! I wish I could find a picture or multiple pics of it so you could see it beauty!

<a href=”″><img alt=”” src=””/></a><br/>This photo of Ben Lomond Suites Historic Hotel, an Ascend Collection Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We went to dinner at the Prairie Schooner.  It has lots of atmosphere.

We sat in the far end left covered wagon during dinner.  It was quiet and intimate with the cover over the table.  On the wall was an old fashioned lantern that we could turn up or down for more or less light.

The next morning we explored the antique shop in the basement of the hotel.  That was really fun and we bought some souvenirs for ourselves there.  This was my find.

antique quilt 008










Hand quilted

Hand quilted















The hand stitching is crooked and large and I love it.

antique quilt 005













I have no idea how old it is – but it has been washed and it is wrinkly.  The top picture of it on the fence is where it is going to hang in my quilting studio Thursday at 10:30 am.  Actually it is already hanging there and I think I am going to leave it during preschool graduation.  My hubby, of course, got an old tool – a hand saw to display in his wood shop.

All in all – I had a wonderful time celebrating our marriage vs being single – it has been a wonderful 23 years and I am looking forward to eternity with him!

Have you been to any cool places lately or found a lovely antique you couldn’t pass up?  Happy Wednesday! (complete side note – 2 more days of school!  yay!)


One thought on “Lovely antique find in an old hotel

  1. How fun is that!! The hotel and Prairie Schooner look absolutely fascinating! We will have to go there next time we visit.
    A couple years ago, we were in a thrift store when a quilt caught my eye. It was a king size hand quilted one in colors I liked. The tag said $35. I couldn’t resist. When I got to the counter, the customer behind me noted it had a green tag. it was green tag day which meant 50% off. Don’t think it is antique, but it was a deal!
    I also was able to acquire a 1908 White Family Rotary treadle sewing machine. It is a glossy black with red roses and gold trim on it. The cabinet had beautiful carved trim in the front and on the drawers. The top two drawers have hidden locks on them. It is fully functional! If I knew how to put a picture on here I would.

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