It’s 3:45 a.m. and I am sewing WHAT?!

My sweet son had his class Rendezvous this past week.  I volunteered to sew 10 of these possibles bags for class so they would have something to carry all their goodies they make and bought at the trading post.

Possibles Bags for 4th Grade Rendevous

Possibles Bags for 4th Grade Rendevous

He loved the striped one – it was unique because I only had enough fabric to make one.  So that one became his bag. Two days before the big event, I sent all the bags to school with him.

Brownie modeling the bonnet

Brownie modeling the bonnet


















I also volunteered to donate some items for the trading post.  I sewed 2 bonnets (matching) and donated one more we had picked up somewhere along the way.  The little girls are so cute.  They wear bonnets for their class program and always want to keep them, so I thought some in the trading post would be awesome for them.  I also donated some wooden snakes, harmonicas and marbles…you know, great boy stuff.

Pioneer Bonnet for trading post

Pioneer Bonnet for trading post














Cutest, most simple bonnet pattern anywhere.  If you want the pattern, LMK.

I  volunteered the day of the Rendezvous to help with the Pioneer games station from 8:30 to noon.  It consisted of marbles, jacks, grace, and a game made out of tuna cans nailed to a board and a bean bag.  It was harder than it sounds. Grace is super fun.  We learned it volunteering at our local state pioneer park during the summers.  It is a hoop wrapped in fabric with 2 straight sticks. You flick it to your partner and catch the hoop with the sticks.

I felt I had contributed quite enough to this event….but turns out NOT.  Thursday night at 9:30 pm – YES, P.M. I get an email from the room mom saying another class had a communication break down and their class had NO bags for the students.  Could I possibly sew some more bags?  I emailed back and said yes.  10 possibly 15.  I finished up the 15th at 1:30 am and checked my email one last time before I went to bed – remember, I am getting up in the morning to go volunteer.  Big mistake to check – another email asking if I could possibly make 5 or 10 more had come through at 12:12 am.  Somehow I had missed the ding notification on my phone.  I was so tempted to go to bed but then I thought how my cute son would feel if he were one of the 10 who did NOT get a bag for their big day.  So I went downstairs, dug through the fabric stash to find something non-girly and tubs of ribbon and started sewing again. It this point I figured she wasn’t getting any other help from the 4 classes so I actually sewed 12 more so everyone would be sure to get one.  The non-girly fabric I found was some curtain fabric that I used in my front room several years ago.  This is my proof – I was up!













I finished up the bags shortly after 3:45 am and got in bed after 4 am – only to get back up at 6:15.  I got 2 hours sleep that 42 hour period.  I didn’t even get mean and rotten.  I was proud of myself for that!  I took the bags with me when I went to volunteer.  Come to find out another mom and stayed up sewing as well.  When it was all said and done – 13 of the bags I donated didn’t get used.  When I left, I went and got them – after all Blondie will be having rendezvous in a couple of years and I can donate them WITHOUT having to stay up 40 hours straight!

I often lay in bed at night wanting to sneak out and sew (but I am a realist and know that me sleeping is a much better option for everyone around me – haha) but staying up all night to sew possibles bags would NOT have been my choice of project – give me a quilt to piece!

What have you stayed up to sew?!  Was it choice or desperation?


7 thoughts on “It’s 3:45 a.m. and I am sewing WHAT?!

  1. Yes, I have stayed up late a few times…usually in desperation trying to make a deadline on quilts!!! I am with you: I would love to sneak out of bed and sew. Couldn’t get away with it in the little aparent though!

    • the latest quilt? Still not done. Got the borders cut. Wanted to sew them on today, but hadThomas. He has been sick and had to wait the required 24 hour period. I didn’t want interrupt his nap.
      Will most likely get them on tomorrow after the doctor appt. I kind of dread going. The ankle was doing so well… flared up again. I will find out whether they will do surgery or not.

  2. WOW! I have done many projects in the wee hours…thankfully not sewing, LOL!! Since I am not very good at it, I would have spent that time swearing under my breath. haha

    I would actually like the bonnet pattern since the girls are going on trek next year. We have 2 dresses a piece already – Silver Dollar City gives them back to the company that makes the dresses for them and somehow (think miracle) I was able to get 4 complete pioneer dresses and aprons for $20. Happy dance here – the fabric for one would have cost more than that!

  3. I have stayed up all night sewing lots of times…. One time was finishing a pink suit to wear to Connie’s wedding the next morning! Sweet (and pregnant) cousin Ranae stayed up with me to finish it…at Grandma’s house with Grandma’s machine. = ) Another time I made 23 bags for girls camp – but I don’t think I had to stay up all night for that one …. Probably because by that time I didn’t have any school kids of my own at home any more.

  4. I don’t function very well at night with fine work like sewing or embroidery. My late night projects usually involve things like pumpkin pie or possibly the occasional science fair board. Heaven forbid that we get that done ahead of time!

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