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Lovely antique find in an old hotel

My husband is so….cutethoughtfulfunny, hmmm….can’t think of the perfect word, so I will go another route.  He recently passed the date of being married longer than he was single.  Forever he said it was his longer married than alive date and we teased him to no end.   He really made me feel special because he wanted to celebrate that date.  Romantic!  That is a good word for this.  He wanted to do a mini honeymoon thing so we booked a room at the Ben Lomond Suites Hotel.  It is historic and beautiful.  The pictures don’t do it justice at all!

The lobby is gorgeous! I wish I could find a picture or multiple pics of it so you could see it beauty!

<a href=”″><img alt=”” src=””/></a><br/>This photo of Ben Lomond Suites Historic Hotel, an Ascend Collection Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We went to dinner at the Prairie Schooner.  It has lots of atmosphere.

We sat in the far end left covered wagon during dinner.  It was quiet and intimate with the cover over the table.  On the wall was an old fashioned lantern that we could turn up or down for more or less light.

The next morning we explored the antique shop in the basement of the hotel.  That was really fun and we bought some souvenirs for ourselves there.  This was my find.

antique quilt 008










Hand quilted

Hand quilted















The hand stitching is crooked and large and I love it.

antique quilt 005













I have no idea how old it is – but it has been washed and it is wrinkly.  The top picture of it on the fence is where it is going to hang in my quilting studio Thursday at 10:30 am.  Actually it is already hanging there and I think I am going to leave it during preschool graduation.  My hubby, of course, got an old tool – a hand saw to display in his wood shop.

All in all – I had a wonderful time celebrating our marriage vs being single – it has been a wonderful 23 years and I am looking forward to eternity with him!

Have you been to any cool places lately or found a lovely antique you couldn’t pass up?  Happy Wednesday! (complete side note – 2 more days of school!  yay!)


It’s 3:45 a.m. and I am sewing WHAT?!

My sweet son had his class Rendezvous this past week.  I volunteered to sew 10 of these possibles bags for class so they would have something to carry all their goodies they make and bought at the trading post.

Possibles Bags for 4th Grade Rendevous

Possibles Bags for 4th Grade Rendevous

He loved the striped one – it was unique because I only had enough fabric to make one.  So that one became his bag. Two days before the big event, I sent all the bags to school with him.

Brownie modeling the bonnet

Brownie modeling the bonnet


















I also volunteered to donate some items for the trading post.  I sewed 2 bonnets (matching) and donated one more we had picked up somewhere along the way.  The little girls are so cute.  They wear bonnets for their class program and always want to keep them, so I thought some in the trading post would be awesome for them.  I also donated some wooden snakes, harmonicas and marbles…you know, great boy stuff.

Pioneer Bonnet for trading post

Pioneer Bonnet for trading post














Cutest, most simple bonnet pattern anywhere.  If you want the pattern, LMK.

I  volunteered the day of the Rendezvous to help with the Pioneer games station from 8:30 to noon.  It consisted of marbles, jacks, grace, and a game made out of tuna cans nailed to a board and a bean bag.  It was harder than it sounds. Grace is super fun.  We learned it volunteering at our local state pioneer park during the summers.  It is a hoop wrapped in fabric with 2 straight sticks. You flick it to your partner and catch the hoop with the sticks.

I felt I had contributed quite enough to this event….but turns out NOT.  Thursday night at 9:30 pm – YES, P.M. I get an email from the room mom saying another class had a communication break down and their class had NO bags for the students.  Could I possibly sew some more bags?  I emailed back and said yes.  10 possibly 15.  I finished up the 15th at 1:30 am and checked my email one last time before I went to bed – remember, I am getting up in the morning to go volunteer.  Big mistake to check – another email asking if I could possibly make 5 or 10 more had come through at 12:12 am.  Somehow I had missed the ding notification on my phone.  I was so tempted to go to bed but then I thought how my cute son would feel if he were one of the 10 who did NOT get a bag for their big day.  So I went downstairs, dug through the fabric stash to find something non-girly and tubs of ribbon and started sewing again. It this point I figured she wasn’t getting any other help from the 4 classes so I actually sewed 12 more so everyone would be sure to get one.  The non-girly fabric I found was some curtain fabric that I used in my front room several years ago.  This is my proof – I was up!













I finished up the bags shortly after 3:45 am and got in bed after 4 am – only to get back up at 6:15.  I got 2 hours sleep that 42 hour period.  I didn’t even get mean and rotten.  I was proud of myself for that!  I took the bags with me when I went to volunteer.  Come to find out another mom and stayed up sewing as well.  When it was all said and done – 13 of the bags I donated didn’t get used.  When I left, I went and got them – after all Blondie will be having rendezvous in a couple of years and I can donate them WITHOUT having to stay up 40 hours straight!

I often lay in bed at night wanting to sneak out and sew (but I am a realist and know that me sleeping is a much better option for everyone around me – haha) but staying up all night to sew possibles bags would NOT have been my choice of project – give me a quilt to piece!

What have you stayed up to sew?!  Was it choice or desperation?

Civil War Quilt Project

I didn’t realize that I was such a fan of this time period.  As I reflect on purchases over the last few years, I realize I have accumulated books, a whole series of CD’s, this quilting book and most recently for my birthday, I was lucky enough to get this gorgeous bundle of reproduction fabrics from Moda. It is the Ladies’ Album by Barbara Brackman.  I found the bundle shown on a blog I recently discovered,  Civil War Quilts.  It is the blog of the fabric designer, Barbara Brackman.  She fills it full of interesting history and has a BOM program this year.  As soon as I finish Amy Gibsons 2012 BOM quilt I would like to start Barbara’s with this bundle. I am having a hard time taking the ribbon off because it is so beautiful all stacked together.   ImageAnother shot so you can enjoy all the beautiful colors better.  Mine was ordered from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  libby, civil war quilt 019 I also keep checking out this book from the library called The Civil War Love Letter Quilt. It has 121 quilt blocks and each block is accompanied by a real letter from a soldier in the Civil War. The author, Rosemary Youngs, has another book called The Civil War Dairy Quilt that I would love to have as well. antique quilt 021 The Utah Quilt Guild has Quilt Fest in September and I want to make this quilt and enter it into the show.  My first ever – I am nervous and excited. It is a small wall hanging – 33 1/2 x 33 1/2.  Sooner or later I am going to have to untie my beautiful bundle and get busy cutting it.   Image   This is a pattern from my Civil War Legacies book shown above.  I purchased mine at Jo-Anne’s.  The quilt calls for 96 2 1/8″ squares that turn into 192 triangles.  I love half square triangles.  The star blocks are only 7 1/2″ square.  It is small but it will be so pretty. Do you have a favorite time period for quilting or a block?  I would love to here what and why.  Have a fabulous mid week day!