Swag for the Handsome Woodturner

My hubby loves his lathe – if I didn’t know better, I might suspect he loves it more than me…(just teasing)!  He got it several years ago and is having a great time learning new things and perfecting known techniques.  Until recently, he has been getting by with this very manly repurposed Pampered Chef apron from years ago when I sold Pampered Chef.  If you look closely, you can see that he wears it inside out.  I could never figure that out until one day I put my hand in the pocket and all my nails came out packed with sawdust and assorted gritty things….ewwww!  See how the bottom of the pocket bulges?!  Even inside out it gets wood stuff in it.


At Christmas, I gave him a coupon for a custom woodturning apron.  Around Valentines, we finally went together and he picked out the fabric he wanted.  Good thing he went because I would never have guessed the fabric he picked.  I was picturing a snazzy chevron laminated fabric.  As you can see in the picture below – not even close to my vision!


This is his very manly leather like choice.  It fits perfectly in with the man cave.


I measured him, sketched out a pattern and starting cutting.  About 2 hours later and quite a few interruptions from the kids, I was done.


The neck loop is fabric with 3 inches of elastic on each side for easy put on and removal.  The original plan was to have an elastic waist with a hook at the side.  Then he tried it on and decided the straight down look was Not in keeping with the manly image in his head, so I sewed two super long strips so he could wrap them around himself and tie it in the front.


Here is my handsome, talented hubby in front of the machine that vies for my attention. This is a bowl he is working on. And, of course, he shared his great smile…not!



Here is a better shot of the elastic neck and the pencil pocket he had me sew on for him. He has loved working with wood for as long as I have known him and before that!  He recently opened an Etsy shop under FerdsWoodcraft.  Why can’t I be smarter than the link button more than once a month?!  Check out his shop – he really is talented!  A wood store in Salt Lake keeps inviting him to come work there…

It is busy and crazy around here – Sage tests, this test and that as the end of school comes closer , Grandma Day at preschool, baptisms, birthdays, riding with a teenager as she learns to drive, (that is getting a little less knuckle clenching and hair raising – thankfully she doesn’t want to try the freeway yet!) Easter, preparing for dance recitals, etc, etc, etc….ok, it is just life.

So, Merry Christmas in mid April, hubby!  Thanks for your patience!

Any Christmas coupons/presents/promises still making you feel guilty?!  Get it done and share!  I would love a show and tell!



4 thoughts on “Swag for the Handsome Woodturner

  1. What a great looking apron, or should we call it a a clothes protector since that sounds a little more manly… 😉 I have material I bought to make a skirt for my oldest two Christmases ago. Maybe that should be at the top of my list of things to accomplish!

  2. lol – will they even still fit? I started a care bear skirt for Miss America when she was 3 or so…pretty sure it won’t even fit Brownie by now. haha

    • I never cut it out so it’s still one piece of fabric. Chances are good that it will still fit…. if I make it. 🙂

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