Honey Bee Pillow Nightmare

Last month I shared this darling fabric and pattern from my LQS.  It is a straight forward easy pattern that I managed to turn into a frustrating project!  I was being so careful I even called my hubby to make sure I cut the L x W correctly. So I cut it all out and started sewing it together.  Only to discover the pattern measurements were wrong – the pillow case was 18″ x 7″ What?!  I had extra fabric (THAT should have been my first clue) so I cut some strips and sewed them on the ends to make it bigger.  When that didn’t work.  I unpicked all of my improv seams and remeasured my fabric.  I was stumped. It was cut correctly.  So I put it in a bag to take back to the LQS and see what they could help me figure out.  Weeks later, I finally made it back to the LQS.  I took it all out of the baggie and put it on the counter – as I am talking to them, I finally figured out MY mistake.  I was suppose to cut TWO of the larger pieces and I had only cut one.  And being the fixer that I am – then I cut up the remaining piece.  ARG!  The sweet ladies there showed me how to piece my second back piece together and how to sew it so it will make the pillow accurately and cute.Image

I got home, did some mending and worked on this pillow case. Where is my brain!?  I sewed the back pieces on upside down, but I am so done working on this pillow, I left it!  Besides you can’t tell from the front side.  It is slightly larger than my 2 loveseat pillows that I put in it.


I love the green ties.  I think they are my favorite part.  Brownie asked it the bee pillow was going in the preschool room or in the front room with the chicks.  Front room, of course!


This is the back – see the beehives are upside down. The opening looks like I hemmed it – I thought that was a nice unexpected touch, but it is really the seam where I had to piece the fabric back together to make it the right size!  This simple case has been so aggravating it kinda took the fun out of completing it and displaying it.  Just one more thing off my WIP list.



I was hoping that getting this finished would cheer me up but it didn’t really….

Any projects of yours turn into a nightmare lately?  Share and let’s celebrate the end of the nightmare together.  🙂

On the bright side – my garden looks so lovely!





Happy Wednesday!!!


3 thoughts on “Honey Bee Pillow Nightmare

  1. Cute fabric! I have had several nightmare projects. My worst was the college assignment I messed up on and the professor refused to help me with so I failed.

      • The one where I had to design and make my own custom fit article of clothing. I was in a class with a 30 year old professor who expected quite a bit. It was more than I was knew and I struggled. She would never help…it was always go read one of the books. Even when I read the books already. I got off grain and she was supposed to help me fix it. It was the last day of class and she told me to bring it in and she would help me. I had had a concussion at the beginning of this assignment and had a horrible time working on it. A couple times, I turned so white and got so dizzy, I scared my classmates. The prof walked by the classroom, looked at me, got her coat and, purse and left. I was so upset. Called Mom crying cuz it was the first class I had ever failed.

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