No lie! A 10 minute quilt block !

I made this one about a year ago for the Elf Princess.  She wanted a more grown up look than Tinkerbell and what better excuse to try a new pattern and buy a Layer cake?!  The colors are a little off in the photo…not sure why.  It was a beautiful sunny 70 today!  I enlisted the help of two of my preschool moms to hold it for me after preschool.  One of them was about 6 inches taller than the other which accounts for the sag at the right corner.  haha.  The parts that look orangy aren’t that orange and here it throws off the color scheme a little bit.  This pattern is Suzanne McNeill’s 10 Minute Block.  I found it on You Tube.  It really is a 10 minute block!  Especially since I started with a Layer Cake and I didn’t have to do any cutting!  This was before I knew about pressing seams as you sew.

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 001

I actually paid my LQS to long arm this one so it could be done before she was married and out of the house.  haha   This was Long before I was brave enough to try machine quilting.  The Elf Princess picked blue for the back which surprised me.  I thought she would go for the bright pink color in the front.  They just folded over the backing and used it for the binding and stitched a little scallop on the binding.

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 003

And here is a close up of the fun flowers the quilter picked.


abbie's 10 minute block quilt 005

I love the wrinkly way it turned out after it was washed.


abbie's 10 minute block quilt 006

This is a close up of the actual 10 minute block.  It is three seams and a little bit of top stitching to make the block.  Super easy and very fun!

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 007


This is a close up of the center square.  It actually gets sewn in with the 3 seams mentioned above.  You can leave it a square or roll the edges in to give it a bit of a cathedral look.  Even with this top stitching it is only about 8 minutes to make the block.

I have both her books and would love to make another one of the variations.  My older sister made her daughter and bf quilts for college using this pattern.  They had a great time too.

Have you tried one yet?   If you want to quilt and need a quick easy one to learn one – this is a great one to try.  If you have pics, post them.  CY – you should link pics of yours here!


5 thoughts on “No lie! A 10 minute quilt block !

    • Thanks! I heard through the grapevine that you are going to be published….details, details, details. How can we brag you up and show people if we don’t know when and where to find it!? 🙂

  1. i will probably break every rule in the book when I say that while I like the ten minute block quite a bit, I LOVE the look of the quilted flowers on the back even more! I’m such a bad sister…

    • Not a bad sister, I have thought a time or two that the back was so pretty she could reverse it and use it as the front. I wasn’t very specific when I left it and I was really happy with the pattern she used. It is gorgeous!

      • It is a gorgeous quilt. I remember being impressed when she told me you made it during the reunion. 🙂

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