My NEVER ending stack of WIP’s

WIP’s – Works in Progress or UFO’s – Unfinished Objects!

Yesterday my Bernina mysterious quit working in the middle of machine quilting my quilt for charity.  I went to mend a tutu on my Kenmore and somehow managed to snap the needle and couldn’t locate any upstairs.  At that point, frustration got the better of me and I walked away from the sewing room tutu still flattened under the sewing machine foot.  My sweet husband spent about an hour with the Bernina with no luck so I hauled it downstairs – you know – out of sight, out of mind, out of immediate aggravation…..certainly not lugging a nonworking machine back and forth!

Today I hauled all my piles back to the preschool room after preschool and I thought it would be interesting to see just what it was I was hauling back and forth twice a week…

wips 003

top left – my bee pillow cover recently purchased from my LQS for spring, top right –  a skill building quilt for a special someone – that I cut wrong and put away in frustration.  I finally bought new fabric so I keep it handy so I can cut it correctly and make some progress on it eventually…I better hurry up before the theme is no longer a passion for her. I have hauled that one back and forth so many times it needs a new plastic bag.  haha  Bottom left – a sewing machine cover for my beautiful mom…she separated the charms she wanted from the Mimi charm pack and true to form – I can only find the reject pile which isn’t enough to make the cover….arg!!!  I guess I need to look yet again through all my piles!

wips 004

Top – the charity quilt that is about 1/2 machine quilted when the Bernina quit working – I feel a trip to Mom’s coming up!  Left bottom – a half square triangle charm quilt that needs to go up on the design wall so it can be pieced together.  The pretty yellow fabric is not part of the Swirls charm collection, but I fell in love with it for the back. Middle – My spring banner that I want to hang in the front room – My valentine’s banner was so pretty, it lifted my spirits every time I came into the house.  Bottom right – the signature quilt label I did for the Modern Bee that I am in.  After I made it, we decided to go with 4 inch square blocks.  So I have to cut the red strip in half and add 1/2 inch to another side and sign my name.  Which I want to machine stitch in black thread. Yet again, foiled by the misbehaving Bernina.

wips 005

Let not forget all the poor animals whose stuffing is coming out and need some stitching “bandaids”.  The puppy lost his heart that says Puppy Love.  Brownie is quite adamant that he can not have his heart unattached. Not to mention the Spiderman suit needs some attention (Not sure why we care about that one – I don’t think it even fits anyone here anymore) and various other clothing items that need holes or seams fixed. You know the super BORING type of hand sewing.

I did sit down to sew the pillow cover and discovered that unlike last time, the pillow cover pieces actually need to be cut. ARG!  So I drug out the ironing board and ironed the fabrics and then called my hubby to ask which way the inch x inch went so I could cut it correctly.  I got the pieces cut and I was out of time….now for homework and chores.

What are your WIP’s?  Sadly, these are just the current ones I haul back and forth.  June can’t come soon enough!!!  And instead of using this 10 minutes to make some progress…I am blogging instead. LOL


4 thoughts on “My NEVER ending stack of WIP’s

  1. Do we really wanna go there? 🙂 I have so many I don’t remember half of them……
    I love your blogs by the way. You should text me and let me know who Miss America is!

    • LOL! Nope we do not! I had to laugh when I went to put the piles back and the bag that I keep them in was only 1/2 empty. So what you saw was only half of what I haul back and forth – that doesn’t even count the piles downstairs. I know there is a Christmas project that I started with my mother in law before Abbie was born. It needs binding pinned to it and sewn on and I hate that part so I have never finished it…haha. On our youngest sister’s blog she talks about being intentional this year and I have pondered what my intentional descriptive word should be and I have decided to be a finisher this year. About MIss America, I texted you. And on the Gertrude post it was actually the Elf Princess that helped me name her, not Miss America. Thanks for liking the blog – the whole purpose is to share with my sisters because I can’t share in person. Love ya.

  2. Home from camping and catching up on what I missed… I have several WIPs, and not all of them are sewing. Let’s see, I have a scrapbook from Dad’s 70th birthday. I have a charm quilt that I started matching blacks for, but never sewed. I have a set of dish towels to embroider that I am almost half way done with. I have some mending for an older sister in our ward. (She might pass before that gets done… how awful is that!) Um… dishes and laundry don’t count, right?

    Lots and lots of stuff. WIPs are like rabbits. They multiple. I think that finisher might be a good word for all of us this year! So off I go to finish something! 🙂

    • Multiply like rabbits – that is hilarious! No housework most definitely does NOT apply! Did you HAVE to bring up cross stitch?! That is a whole other problem for WIP’s. The funny thing about the WIP post was when I went to put the stuff back in the bag, the bag was still half full and that didn’t count any projects down stairs. Also doesn’t begin to count toward supplies and patterns that are sitting together waiting to be started. I have actually been working on finishing Maddie’s quilt top this week. I sew when I feel stressed instead of having a good stress relief like cleaning….although with Maddie’s I can’t machine quilt it at home since the Bernina is naughty and I am not sure I can squeeze out $50 any time soon to take it to the LQS….still at least she can have a pretty top that matches her new color scheme sitting on her bed.

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