Jelly Roll Race with Miss America

Just after I discovered the wonderful world of youtube and all the fantastic resources online, I discovered Jenny Doan, from Missouri Star Quilting. (Love her videos and personality – she is located in Missouri.  I grew up there and it is on my bucket list to go to her retreats and meet her!)  I watched the video on Jelly Roll Racing and I was intrigued.  I found some  jelly rolls at Big Lots (of all places to find fabric).  I got two of each collection because there weren’t very many strips in each jelly roll.  Miss America and I sat down and had a jelly roll race.  It took us most of the afternoon but we had a blast.  I must say it was an excellent way for her to learn to sew.  It is all straight lines.  If you haven’t done a jelly roll race before it is super simple.  You unroll the jelly roll, cut the first piece about a 1/3 of the way up and just start sewing them right sides together at angled seams (go see Jenny Doan’s Jelly Roll Race tutorial video to figure that one out). And you sew and sew and sew and pretty soon you are at the end and you find the beginning strip and sew them together and sew and sew some more!

princess, quilts more 195

This is Miss America’s jelly roll race quilt. I had to fix a few of the seams that were too narrow or too wide, but as a whole she did a super job!

 princess, quilts more 198

I got the idea to machine quilt it with wavy lines from a blog I follow.  Maureen Cracknell wavy lines quilting

I decided with my inexperience that wavy line quilting would be best for my skill level.  First I tried it with my walking foot but that was frustrating me so I switched to my darning foot and totally free handed it. The stitches aren’t all the same length.  At the time I didn’t have quilting gloves so I was wrestling with trying to steer the fabric by holding the rolled up sides.  I do NOT recommend that for a pleasant quilting experience.  Bennion Crafts has the gloves for about $8 and they are worth it!!!!

princess, quilts more 204

I just turned the backing up over the front edge  and machine stitched it to the front with a wavy stitch to compliment the quilting .

My husband bought me some Clover binding clips for Christmas and I must say I LOVE them.

princess, quilts more 199

This is my jelly roll race.  I actually picked a few rows apart and rearranged the colors a little bit.  You will notice on Miss America’s that the colors are lumped together a bit more than mine.  I would love to try another jelly roll race with a bigger jelly roll and only use one.  I really like this color combo!  Sorrythe quilt isn’t straight,  a breeze picked up just as we started taking pictures.

princess, quilts more 201

This is the back to my quilt and you can see the randomness of the wavy lines pretty well.  All in all I was really please with the machine quilting and it was definitely a learning experience for me.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that JoAnn’s carried the yardage that matched the jelly roll I found so I used it for the back.

princess, quilts more 203

Miss America held up the quilts and I asked her to peek over hers, but she wouldn’t.  I did the same type of binding – folded over the back and machine stitched it down.

Have you done a jelly roll race?  I would love to see a pic…

My daffodils have peeked out and are happily waving in the sunshine!  Wahoo!!!  Happy Weekend!


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