Shamrock Happiness in a Pillow

In January I found a great easy pillow pattern at my LQS (local quilt shop).  I made a valentine one first and then found this great St. Patrick’s fabric at Jo-Ann’s. So simple, iron 4 folds, hem 3 sides of each tie, 2 side seams and viola….a fun new seasonal pillow to look at and enjoy! The back is just folded over so I can just slip the pillow in and out whenever I want to change it.

 Since it is another gray day here, you can’t see that both fabrics are glittery.  My mood is kinda matching the weather.  Good thing there isn’t ANY fattening munchable food here or I might entertain myself by eating it all!



I have an increasing interest in pillow covers.  I have seen so many cute ones on other blogs. I bought another one that ties in a different way that is the new Honey Bee Mine by Shelley at Henry Glass Fabrics.  More on that one later!

Maybe I can cheer myself up if I go turn the preschool room back into my sewing room…I have lots of WIP’s (works in progress) to choose from.  Sisters, you need to remember the abbreviations so I can be lazy and not have to type it all in every time.  

Have a Wonderful Thursday – remember the weekend starts tomorrow! 



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