Spring Chicks are Popping Out!

Aren’t these the best chicks ever?!  No noise, no poop, no growing up to big obnoxious hens that peck people!


I found this darling pattern in a magazine I love called Quilt-it…today. In the March/April 2014 issue.  I couldn’t stop at one, so I made three – all from my stash.  Pat myself on the back! The chicks are so cute but I discovered I don’t sew very round circles…haha. Brownie had to make her own chick.  It is the blue floral chick being held by the center hen.  She is very proud of it and shows everyone who comes over.  See the cute hen legs peeking out from under the hens?  I plopped my hens and chicks here because you can see another sign of spring in the back ground…my daffodils are sooooo close to popping out! 


Such a cheerful little brood! I really enjoyed this project because I got to learn a new embroidery stitch, the colors are so bright and uplifting and it was quick and easy.  Instead of doing a satin stitch for the chick eyes, the girls and I voted for little glass beads.  The beaks are made of felt.  Such a great combo of mediums in one project!  Don’t you just love the way the hen’s wings wrap so lovingly around the chicks…so motherly.  Give your own little chicks a big squeeze – spread some cheer!

Happy Almost Spring! 




8 thoughts on “Spring Chicks are Popping Out!

  1. Adorable. You need a Pinterest button! How can I pin this cute idea without the button. (And don’t tell me to look for it on the Quilt it Website… )

  2. hmmm….A pinterest button…regular people can have those? Oh, did I say that out loud? I am not pinterest savvy…although I did figure out (using the little blue P on other posts) to click that and add it to my pinterest boards.

  3. Just so you know, I see each and every post….usually at work on my iphone. Don’t know how to respond on that one, but many comments that my co workers hear (they see too)! The most coomon comment is how jealous I am since I am very limited on sewing time.

    • That is seriously my problem too. I haven’t been able to sew all week and it drives me crazy. We have new beginnings tonight and I’ve been frantically working on my hand out and a banner. On Mar 12, 2014 6:46 AM, “Sew Fun With Jules!” wrote:


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