Quilts for Kids – Charity Organization

A sewing friend of mine found this organization on Pinterest and shared it with me recently.  I logged on and tadah…. (no idea how to spell a made up word?!)



within a matter of days – here came this baggy full of cute PREcut fabric (I love that word precut), the instructions, backing and a quilt label.

This will be my first quilt label and I am quite excited about using it.  Is that silly?  Somehow a label with my name on it makes me feel more official as a quilter.  haha  I haven’t been brave enough to go make myself official by choosing my own labels.

This organization provides the fabric and pattern.  I paid $6 for them to mail me the kit.  I have 4-6 weeks to piece, quilt and bind it and then I mail it back to them. If you are interested in quilting for charity, here is the website http://www.quiltsforkids.org.  My mom’s new sewing machine has a super cute car stitch that I really want to use when I machine quilt it…hint, hint, Mom

This time when the husband asks what I am making this quilt for, I will have a real answer besides….”hmmm, I don’t know.  I liked it?!”  

I am super excited to be part of something bigger than myself as I am currently a phantom quilter.  I really need to join a bee or quild or start one or something!  

Are you part of a guild or a bee or do you donate sewing projects to charitable organizations?  I would love to hear about them.



10 thoughts on “Quilts for Kids – Charity Organization

  1. Those fabrics are quite cute. What an incentive to finish on time. I love the label. Phantom or not, you are a real official quilter. 🙂

    • Yep! I just hauled my sewing machines back into the preschool room so I can start, but sadly got side tracked because I can’t see the eye of the needle to thread it without my glasses! Did you see the youtube video of the blind lady who pieces 100’s of quilts per year!? I always laugh at myself that I can’t even thread it as a seeing person and she sews so many as a blind person.

      • I have seen that, and I’ve always wondered how they turn out so beautifully. I would take forever to make one half as beautiful. Where are your glasses?

  2. Just on my bed….I went yesterday to get a lens put back in and to update my prescription…I better figure out how to thread without glasses because if I keep it up – glasses won’t help much longer! ARG

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