Brownie’s First Quilt 1/2014









Brownie is five.  She love picking out fabric and loves to sew…she has a basket of scraps and her own thread and needle, but she wants to do “real” sewing. A girl after my own heart!!  This is her sewing a doll blanket for her American Doll she got for Christmas.  It matches the Dora Comforter I made her for Christmas a couple of years ago.  My sis in law gave us a great set of Dora curtains that were waaaay to large for her bedroom windows, so we up-cycled it and made a comforter and a matching pillow case. Did you notice the blue painters tape?  That is her edge guide.  Love the pinkie!



She pulls the fabric down over the edge. She is working on not doing that. The machine light has a short so we use a little light – that is the pink thing in front of her face. 



She insisted on doing the pinning, taking the pins out and steering the fabric herself.  Since she is using my old Kenmore from Sears, there is no speed control button, so I sat beside her and pushed the foot, slowing down just before each pin so she could pull it out.



Here is the finished product.  I actually tried my first stippling quilting on the pink fabric and did a row of connected hearts on the orange polka dot edges.  Stippling is quite fun.  I used a multicolored quilting thread to quilt it.  She loves it.  Isn’t her smile sweet?

What are you sewing with your kids?  Post pictures here – we would love to see them.



2 thoughts on “Brownie’s First Quilt 1/2014

  1. Every time I see what your kids do, I think that I need to do better at teaching mine these skills (although, since those particular skills aren’t ones I have mastered to my satisfaction, that is hard to really commit to, lol).

    I LOVE it. Brownie is so adorable…my JuneBug and BittyBug miss her a lot. I am impressed with her talents!

  2. WOW. I think Brownie has already outstripped me when it comes to quilting. Maybe I should borrow her for my charm quilt… It might get done that way. 😉

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