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Sunday, March 23, 2014

National Quilt Day(s) Fun

Davis North/Weber areas had a very busy and fun weekend to celebrate National Quilt Day!  The schedule of activities for the two day event was front and center as guests arrived.  Yes, if you click on the picture, you can read it and see that both days were the 21st. 

Legacy Village in Layton, has a retirement village, assisted living and rehab units.  The first trunk show was a variety of quilts that belonged to some of the residents.  Sandra, from the Kalico Kut-ups chapter interviewed these residents and told the stories of the quilts.  It was very inspiring and fun to see how happy they were to be recognized.  Below are just a few of their quilts plus a crocheted bedspread.







Ten chapters participated in this event, so there was a lot of variety in the demos and items to purchase.  Lots of mini quilts and baskets for the silent auction as well.  There were 60 quilts on display and Pam White won first place for viewers choice!  All of the trunk shows were wonderful, too.  It is so interesting to see the different styles and how quilters evolve over time.  Three of the trunk shows were presented by UQG Board members…..Josephine Keasler, Kathy Porter, and Crystal North!  Lorie Bashein and Carol Johnson showed beautiful quilts as well.


sewfunwithjules said…

The Friday trunk show of the Legacy residents was very fun and I loved hearing the history of the items. I love the Legacy Quilt show. It was also a surprise to realize I am in these pictures. Thanks for all your hard work. Julie


No lie! A 10 minute quilt block !

I made this one about a year ago for the Elf Princess.  She wanted a more grown up look than Tinkerbell and what better excuse to try a new pattern and buy a Layer cake?!  The colors are a little off in the photo…not sure why.  It was a beautiful sunny 70 today!  I enlisted the help of two of my preschool moms to hold it for me after preschool.  One of them was about 6 inches taller than the other which accounts for the sag at the right corner.  haha.  The parts that look orangy aren’t that orange and here it throws off the color scheme a little bit.  This pattern is Suzanne McNeill’s 10 Minute Block.  I found it on You Tube.  It really is a 10 minute block!  Especially since I started with a Layer Cake and I didn’t have to do any cutting!  This was before I knew about pressing seams as you sew.

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 001

I actually paid my LQS to long arm this one so it could be done before she was married and out of the house.  haha   This was Long before I was brave enough to try machine quilting.  The Elf Princess picked blue for the back which surprised me.  I thought she would go for the bright pink color in the front.  They just folded over the backing and used it for the binding and stitched a little scallop on the binding.

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 003

And here is a close up of the fun flowers the quilter picked.


abbie's 10 minute block quilt 005

I love the wrinkly way it turned out after it was washed.


abbie's 10 minute block quilt 006

This is a close up of the actual 10 minute block.  It is three seams and a little bit of top stitching to make the block.  Super easy and very fun!

abbie's 10 minute block quilt 007


This is a close up of the center square.  It actually gets sewn in with the 3 seams mentioned above.  You can leave it a square or roll the edges in to give it a bit of a cathedral look.  Even with this top stitching it is only about 8 minutes to make the block.

I have both her books and would love to make another one of the variations.  My older sister made her daughter and bf quilts for college using this pattern.  They had a great time too.

Have you tried one yet?   If you want to quilt and need a quick easy one to learn one – this is a great one to try.  If you have pics, post them.  CY – you should link pics of yours here!

My Own Secret Ambition

I just reread my sisters post from a while ago, which I posted here today…I too have a secret ambition.  I have a hard time saying it out loud and admitting to it because it seems so unreachable and out of my league.  But, gathering my courage…here it is.  I want to teach quilting and sewing – you know – all over the United States.  I would love to teach a class for Craftsy.  I would love to design quilts and be a published author of quilt books.  I would love to have sponsors and be invited to contribute to books, magazines and bees, to organize a charity group, to start a quilt guild, to be an awesome longarm quilter, to be noticed and in demand somewhere (besides at home – where I am always needed. 🙂  I am not complaining – I love being a stay at home Mom and I wouldn’t trade that for any of my dreams) There I said it.  Currently I am a phantom quilter that gets overwhelmed at my dreams.  I have learned alot the last year and there is so much more to learn and do and experience.  I do get to go to the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City, Ut this year and I am super excited to meet other quilters there.  If you haven’t heard of it, here is the info:

Home Machine Quilting Show
May 8-10, 2014

The premier quilt exhibition and hands-on
educational conference for all machine quilters,
embroiderers and those who love to sew!

Any ambitions you are keeping to yourself?  Saying it aloud (in print) was actually therapeutic for me…try it!  Have a happy Tuesday!

Confessing SECRET Ambitions

Following His Path

I have a secret that I have hugged, almost in a strangling hold, to myself for many years.  I have alluded to it once or twice to various people but I have never shouted it out to the world.  I want to be a writer.  Well, I take that back; it’s not quite correct.  I want to be a PAID writer.  I guess my secret is “no secret anymore.”

I got it off my chest.  I confessed.  Somehow I don’t feel any better.  Here is why – I haven’t the faintest idea of how to go about accomplishing this goal.   I have taken the opportunity to start my blog and write since my kids are in school.  It has been very spurring.  I have remembered how much I love to write and I have looked for and taken opportunities to write.  I have been thinking and eating and dreaming about writing…

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My NEVER ending stack of WIP’s

WIP’s – Works in Progress or UFO’s – Unfinished Objects!

Yesterday my Bernina mysterious quit working in the middle of machine quilting my quilt for charity.  I went to mend a tutu on my Kenmore and somehow managed to snap the needle and couldn’t locate any upstairs.  At that point, frustration got the better of me and I walked away from the sewing room tutu still flattened under the sewing machine foot.  My sweet husband spent about an hour with the Bernina with no luck so I hauled it downstairs – you know – out of sight, out of mind, out of immediate aggravation…..certainly not lugging a nonworking machine back and forth!

Today I hauled all my piles back to the preschool room after preschool and I thought it would be interesting to see just what it was I was hauling back and forth twice a week…

wips 003

top left – my bee pillow cover recently purchased from my LQS for spring, top right –  a skill building quilt for a special someone – that I cut wrong and put away in frustration.  I finally bought new fabric so I keep it handy so I can cut it correctly and make some progress on it eventually…I better hurry up before the theme is no longer a passion for her. I have hauled that one back and forth so many times it needs a new plastic bag.  haha  Bottom left – a sewing machine cover for my beautiful mom…she separated the charms she wanted from the Mimi charm pack and true to form – I can only find the reject pile which isn’t enough to make the cover….arg!!!  I guess I need to look yet again through all my piles!

wips 004

Top – the charity quilt that is about 1/2 machine quilted when the Bernina quit working – I feel a trip to Mom’s coming up!  Left bottom – a half square triangle charm quilt that needs to go up on the design wall so it can be pieced together.  The pretty yellow fabric is not part of the Swirls charm collection, but I fell in love with it for the back. Middle – My spring banner that I want to hang in the front room – My valentine’s banner was so pretty, it lifted my spirits every time I came into the house.  Bottom right – the signature quilt label I did for the Modern Bee that I am in.  After I made it, we decided to go with 4 inch square blocks.  So I have to cut the red strip in half and add 1/2 inch to another side and sign my name.  Which I want to machine stitch in black thread. Yet again, foiled by the misbehaving Bernina.

wips 005

Let not forget all the poor animals whose stuffing is coming out and need some stitching “bandaids”.  The puppy lost his heart that says Puppy Love.  Brownie is quite adamant that he can not have his heart unattached. Not to mention the Spiderman suit needs some attention (Not sure why we care about that one – I don’t think it even fits anyone here anymore) and various other clothing items that need holes or seams fixed. You know the super BORING type of hand sewing.

I did sit down to sew the pillow cover and discovered that unlike last time, the pillow cover pieces actually need to be cut. ARG!  So I drug out the ironing board and ironed the fabrics and then called my hubby to ask which way the inch x inch went so I could cut it correctly.  I got the pieces cut and I was out of time….now for homework and chores.

What are your WIP’s?  Sadly, these are just the current ones I haul back and forth.  June can’t come soon enough!!!  And instead of using this 10 minutes to make some progress…I am blogging instead. LOL

Jelly Roll Race with Miss America

Just after I discovered the wonderful world of youtube and all the fantastic resources online, I discovered Jenny Doan, from Missouri Star Quilting. (Love her videos and personality – she is located in Missouri.  I grew up there and it is on my bucket list to go to her retreats and meet her!)  I watched the video on Jelly Roll Racing and I was intrigued.  I found some  jelly rolls at Big Lots (of all places to find fabric).  I got two of each collection because there weren’t very many strips in each jelly roll.  Miss America and I sat down and had a jelly roll race.  It took us most of the afternoon but we had a blast.  I must say it was an excellent way for her to learn to sew.  It is all straight lines.  If you haven’t done a jelly roll race before it is super simple.  You unroll the jelly roll, cut the first piece about a 1/3 of the way up and just start sewing them right sides together at angled seams (go see Jenny Doan’s Jelly Roll Race tutorial video to figure that one out). And you sew and sew and sew and pretty soon you are at the end and you find the beginning strip and sew them together and sew and sew some more!

princess, quilts more 195

This is Miss America’s jelly roll race quilt. I had to fix a few of the seams that were too narrow or too wide, but as a whole she did a super job!

 princess, quilts more 198

I got the idea to machine quilt it with wavy lines from a blog I follow.  Maureen Cracknell wavy lines quilting

I decided with my inexperience that wavy line quilting would be best for my skill level.  First I tried it with my walking foot but that was frustrating me so I switched to my darning foot and totally free handed it. The stitches aren’t all the same length.  At the time I didn’t have quilting gloves so I was wrestling with trying to steer the fabric by holding the rolled up sides.  I do NOT recommend that for a pleasant quilting experience.  Bennion Crafts has the gloves for about $8 and they are worth it!!!!

princess, quilts more 204

I just turned the backing up over the front edge  and machine stitched it to the front with a wavy stitch to compliment the quilting .

My husband bought me some Clover binding clips for Christmas and I must say I LOVE them.

princess, quilts more 199

This is my jelly roll race.  I actually picked a few rows apart and rearranged the colors a little bit.  You will notice on Miss America’s that the colors are lumped together a bit more than mine.  I would love to try another jelly roll race with a bigger jelly roll and only use one.  I really like this color combo!  Sorrythe quilt isn’t straight,  a breeze picked up just as we started taking pictures.

princess, quilts more 201

This is the back to my quilt and you can see the randomness of the wavy lines pretty well.  All in all I was really please with the machine quilting and it was definitely a learning experience for me.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that JoAnn’s carried the yardage that matched the jelly roll I found so I used it for the back.

princess, quilts more 203

Miss America held up the quilts and I asked her to peek over hers, but she wouldn’t.  I did the same type of binding – folded over the back and machine stitched it down.

Have you done a jelly roll race?  I would love to see a pic…

My daffodils have peeked out and are happily waving in the sunshine!  Wahoo!!!  Happy Weekend!

Blondie’s First Patchwork Quilt


Blondie wants to sew too.  I think mainly because it forces me to give her undivided attention on her projects.  She is pretty self sufficient on the machine though. The blue strip is the painters tape I put on my machine as a sewing guide.  We laid the 5 inch squares on the floor and she arranged them into rows. She pinned the 5 inch blocks together herself.  The 5 inch blocks are more left overs from Gertrude. 

See my pile of projects beside her? I could live to be 200 years old and still not sew everything I would like to!


She wanted to learn to press her own seams – so I taught her to first set them and then to gently press them to one side.  It was one of her first times with the iron and I was a bit nervous. 



After she had her…

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