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New Plan for the Blog

I would like to feature the talents of people I know on my blog.  I am excited to do this and have already interviewed a few of the local artists here.  Not all of them sew, but are super talented in their area of interest.  So….I am going to interview them a little bit and share their talent and some pics of their work!  I am going to shoot for monthly, because time goes by so fast and I know if I promised to do it more often, I would fail.  How’s that for a reality check on myself!? 

Since today I have spent several hours sorting and matching socks – isnt’ that the most fun project ever?  Gave away the too little socks, threw a bunch of holey or stretched out ones away and still have a grocery sack full of might have a match in the laundry socks…since now the fashion is socks don’t have to match and they all love that!  Actually it allows us much more laziness than matching ever did so I am not too opposed to it either.  NO more frantic searches for matching socks as we are suppose to be walking out the door for school. LOL  Although some of the matches are just plain embarrasing – like the orange halloween sock and a Hello Kitty sock that went to school and SHOWED last week.  So I did have to set up a few guidelines for Blondie, since if they show at school they should match and not stand out.    I do still insist on matches for church.  haha

I haven’t gotten very much sewing done the last couple of months.  Especially since I had to put away all the projects and stuff I drug out after the family reunion to turn the craft room back into a preschool room.  Drat – now I drag my sewing machine and project box back and forth to the kitchen every Tuesday and Thursday.  sigh….it was really depressing and I had a hard time making myself do it.  Which is why Labor Day ended up being a Labor day instead of a Fun day for us.  I just couldn’t put it off any longer since school started the next day!

Back to the NEW plan…when I figure out how to get pics on this silly thing again…I will start with my personal hero and friend.  My mom.  She is very talented in many areas and I am excited to brag about her to you all.  Even though you all know her as well as I do.  Haha. I do have some personal experiences to share that you weren’t involved in.  Love ya, Mom! 

Brownie a la mode is being way TOO quiet so I better go find her……