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Sadly, Summer is Over!

So…it has been months since I made time to sit and write…actually that isn’t true.  I have tried a couple of time to insert pictures and I am sooooo slow at it that I have been interrupted every time and my poor blog has continued to sit idle.

And now summer is gone!  The elementary munchkins go back to school on Monday.  The Jr High group has basketball camp next week and start school the following Monday.  It will just be me and Brownie a la mode this fall.  She is an October baby so she has one more year being my little buddy.  Yea for me!  Although I must admit, some days I just can’t bear one more second of polly pockets.

This summer went by super quick!  The Wednesday following schools end, our church youth group went to youth conference. Then the very next Monday, the girls and I went to a week long girls camp.  Both were great experiences!  Then we had a week to get all our after school sorting and cleaning done before the week long family reunion – a lot of which was at my home.  Family came before the reunion and we had family stay the week after the reunion, which was fun!   During the reunion we had 20 people sleeping at our house.  Some nights we had 22.  It was full but awesome!  Somewhere along the line the girls went to high school basketball camp. They both have summer babysitting jobs and we are volunteers at our local pioneer attraction – This Is The Place Heritage Park.  Every Tuesday for 4 hours, we dress like pioneers and give tours of our site, The Andrus Halfway Home.  It was a hotel and it was named halfway because it was halfway from the northern hotel to the southern hotel.  We also get to paper piece a quilt together from retired pioneer dresses.  Which, quite frankly is my Favorite part!

My second daughter moved out of her beautiful shared room into our game room and made a room with sheet walls.  Differences of cleaning preferences got the best of her patience.  We have spent the last two weeks emptying our “library” and switching all 7 book cases around to make more official walls for her bedroom.  I swear we have at least 1 million books!  Which are currently still in very tall precarious stacks as we haven’t attached all the bookcases to the ceiling or each other so they are safe and not death traps for unsuspecting persons!

To add to the chaos of it all, my clothes washer keeps going on strike!  Arg!  After a week without it, I finally gave in and did 3 humongous loads at the laundry mat and $16 later we had some clean clothes.  I found the manual and it said to flip the breaker and run it on cold.  Viola!  I had a washer again for a couple of days and then I had to repeat the breaker trick again.  Thank goodness because Blondie ended up with the throw ups that started early in the morning at Wal-Mart and again in the car on the way home!  We were birthday shopping for my son and had just put the last present in the cart when she looked up at me with watery blue eyes and said I think I am going to throw up because my mouth keeps doing this.  And then she mimicked dry heaves.  Good Grief!  We practically run, cart and all, to the front of the store to the bathroom and made it JUST in time!  Tender mercies abound!  We have car sickness in our family so we keep an official throw up bucket in our car but it was clear in back and she couldn’t get to it.  I am frantically driving home and she says I think I am going to throw up again.  I am one handedly trying to dump presents out of the shopping bag, I finally get all the goodies out and hand it to her and she says, “it has holes”.  Which apparently disqualified it as a throw up catcher.  I search around for something, anything which would not be ruined or missed it if got thrown away and found a thick handful of napkins and handed them to her to put in the bag.  Who knows where the napkins came from….they aren’t even the kind I buy.  Another tender mercy!  She thinks throwing up spit is harder than throwing up a donut.  Lucky you I have no throw up pictures to share.  haha

We spent the last week trying to find a few clothes for school.  Uniforms are the most fabulous invention on the planet, in my opinion.  Cuts down on shopping year after year.  However, this year, the son grew over an inch and no longer has a single pair of pants that will work.  And, of course, as our shopping life goes, he only found 2 pairs to fit him.  One khaki and one navy.  sigh…. Still haven’t managed to find a pair of tennis shoes that pass Mary’s discerning shoe fashion sense….Guess we better get to it since flip flops aren’t an option Monday morning!

I am sad to send my sweet littles off to school again!  I have to turn into the nag and I don’t get to see them much!