Flirt table runner

This is my first attempt at machine stitching with my sewing machine.  I love to piece quilt tops but machine stitching is new and scary!  I saw this table runner by Missouri Star and I loved it.  Love the fabric, Flirt by Moda, too!  I did change the center heart to face the same direction as the other to though!  I stitched in the ditch to outline the hearts and the rectangle and then I free handed the loopy meandering.  I tried looping between the hearts and that was a disaster so I am in the process of picking that out and I will stitch in a row of hearts.  I still haven’t decided how to quilt the hearts.


flirt table runner 1

Here is the whole thing….


flirt table runner 3


Here is a close up of my stitching – nothing to brag about – sharp corners and big stitching in places, but I overcame a major mental hurdle and went for it.  It does have a few loose threads hanging on it.

flirt table runner 2

I decided it was actually quite fun and I am willing to try it again….good thing because I have lots of pieced quilt tops and other projects and not the budget to send them out professionally!


5 thoughts on “Flirt table runner

  1. I love the cheerful fabrics and colors. I am blown away by the machine quilting on a regular machine! What are you going to do with it when you finish?

  2. I have done machine quilting with my regular machine! It works best if you pick up and start in one direction. I am making one for Thomas’ little brother!

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