Can you believe this!?

I have sisters who have great blogs and I really enjoy reading them and hearing about their families and hobbies.  Especially since we all live so far apart!  I mostly appreciate the pics of the kids who all have the cutest nicknames!  

Yesterday I finally got brave and tried machine quilting.  I wanted to share my first attempt with them and can’t, of course. It wouldn’t make sense to mail it each of them!  I am computer challenged so I have avoided this commitment so far!  Last night it occurred to me that I should just get over another roadblock in my life and figure out how to get pics on the computer and then I could share my life more fully with my family.  

Sooo….or rather sew… goes.  Still without a pic though because I haven’t the faintest idea how to do that!


One thought on “Can you believe this!?

  1. Oh boy! I can’t wait to see the quilt. I’d walk you step by step through uploading a photo but my computer is fritzing right and left…. Besides Erin and Sheraz are the experts. I’m excited to see your next post, but no pressure! 🙂

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