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Little Girl Skirts

skirts spring 2013

Here are a few of the skirts I have made.  The 3 smaller ones are for Brownie a la mode.  She loves skirts.  She actually picked the pattern out for the purple and pink one from our local quilt shop.  The top two are my own patterns.  Sorry, they have all been worn and washed and I didn’t want to iron them.  The pink and green one is for Blondie.


Brownie a la mode picked the pattern, fabric and rickrack for this skirt.  She is so cute.  A darling after my own heart – liking to pick out fabric.  The pink rick rack I sewed down the middle and it rolls up, so next time I would sew it in differently.  She insisted we get enough fabric for Blondie so they could have matching skirts – now to get that done.


Flirt table runner

This is my first attempt at machine stitching with my sewing machine.  I love to piece quilt tops but machine stitching is new and scary!  I saw this table runner by Missouri Star and I loved it.  Love the fabric, Flirt by Moda, too!  I did change the center heart to face the same direction as the other to though!  I stitched in the ditch to outline the hearts and the rectangle and then I free handed the loopy meandering.  I tried looping between the hearts and that was a disaster so I am in the process of picking that out and I will stitch in a row of hearts.  I still haven’t decided how to quilt the hearts.


flirt table runner 1

Here is the whole thing….


flirt table runner 3


Here is a close up of my stitching – nothing to brag about – sharp corners and big stitching in places, but I overcame a major mental hurdle and went for it.  It does have a few loose threads hanging on it.

flirt table runner 2

I decided it was actually quite fun and I am willing to try it again….good thing because I have lots of pieced quilt tops and other projects and not the budget to send them out professionally!

crochetknit afghan

crochetknit afghan

This is one of the crafty things I like to do! It is called crochetknit or as we call it croknit. It is done with one big crochet hook that has hooks on both ends and apparently you use knitting techniques…

One side looks white and the other side looks wine colored. My mother in law started this one years ago and finally passed the project onto me. She is left handed and I am right handed so about a third of the way down up the afghan, the colors switch sides. The afghan takes 4 skeins of yarn. I typically work on it here and there and while I am waiting on people. I made one a long time ago when Sheraz lived with us. I was working on it and using it to stay warm at the same time and fell asleep. The Woodturner and Sheraz took a picture of me sleeping underneath it. That was before digital times though. My munchkins all want it and I haven’t officially given it to any of them.

Can you believe this!?

I have sisters who have great blogs and I really enjoy reading them and hearing about their families and hobbies.  Especially since we all live so far apart!  I mostly appreciate the pics of the kids who all have the cutest nicknames!  

Yesterday I finally got brave and tried machine quilting.  I wanted to share my first attempt with them and can’t, of course. It wouldn’t make sense to mail it each of them!  I am computer challenged so I have avoided this commitment so far!  Last night it occurred to me that I should just get over another roadblock in my life and figure out how to get pics on the computer and then I could share my life more fully with my family.  

Sooo….or rather sew… goes.  Still without a pic though because I haven’t the faintest idea how to do that!