Puppy and Giraffe Snuggles

I recently found out one of my friends is also a quilty friend!  How fun is that!?  She is a grandma now too – with a little herd of grandkids – and a new one being added soon.  Her daughter doesn’t know the sex of the baby yet, even though it is only days away.  So, being the awesome mom and grandma that she is, she prepared 2 quilt tops and brought them to be quilted.  Both are darling and I had a fun time coming up with a cute baby design for each.

The boyish one has darling puppy appliques.  I believe she said it was a purchased panel. Sorry about my life sneaking into the picture!  It is very typical to have some sort of game sitting on our kitchen table.  We ARE gamers, after all!



She just said to make them cute…that was scary!  What if her cute wasn’t the same as my cute?!  I looked online for some fun baby boy quilting ideas, since I couldn’t use a pantograph over the puppies. I found a darling little bone pattern so I practiced on paper until I felt it looked like a bone. I added loops and hearts to the bones and quilted around the puppies.



The little girl quilt has giraffe strips and the sweetest little pink rosebud swirl furry strips.



I stitched in the ditch of the pink and did loops, hearts, flowers and baby diaper pins in the giraffe fabric. The quilting shows up much better on the back in the pink minkee.



It is so fun to learn new quilting patterns and ideas.  I hope the babies mom loves which ever one she gets when the baby is born! And my friend and I must have the same definition of cute because she brought me another baby top to quilt. Pics coming soon!

Any new baby quilts in your life?


Dogs and Vomit

I don’t mind ironing, in fact, I find it quite calming and a time to reflect, worry, plan or listen to books.  Typically, I iron very early in the morning (6:15 to be exact) before my hubby goes to work and before the kids wake up.  Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well and didn’t want to get up to iron, so I stole a few moments to iron before scriptures and prayers time.  The three littles were suppose to be getting on pj’s, and flossing and brushing their teeth.  Brownie decided she was still a bit hungry and asked if she could have a slice of the hamburger pizza we ate for dinner.  I assumed she was hungry again since we eat early on Tuesdays, because the hubby has church meetings at 6 pm.  So I said yes.

I was lost in thought, ironing school uniforms when it occurs to me that I might have heard throw up sounds.  I paused and listened…no noises…so I holler as best I can with my hoarse coughy voice, “Are you okay?”  No response.  Then I definitely heard throw up noises.  I set the iron down and tried to hurry into the kitchen, but my slipper caught the iron cord and pulled it over onto my elbow and down onto the carpet.  I scooped the iron up and set it on the board and ran to the kitchen.  There stood Brownie, at the edge of the table, throwing up.   Doug, our dog, is standing under her eating the throw up as fast as he can.  SO DISGUSTING!!!  She throws up one more time – right on his head.  He isn’t even phased – just keeps eating.  I said to myself, “I don’t even know what to do with this!”  I pushed Doug away with my foot and as soon as Brownie stopped throwing up, I sent her to the bathroom.

I stared at Doug and finally figured out how to start. I got paper towels and clumsily tried wiping it off his ears, head and collar and took him to his bed and put him on tie down.  Then I went back to the kitchen for clean up duty.  All the while, poor Brownie was throwing up in the toilet.  Blondie, bless her heart, was in the bathroom with Brownie, holding her hair back out of the throw up.  Such a sweet sister.

Poor little Brownie threw up so hard she broke lots of little blood vessels in her face.  They still show this morning. She looks pale but mottled. Not her best look! I let her sleep in and stay home because her tummy still hurts and no one wants to be the little girl that threw up in class…because no one ever forgets stuff like that…

Oh, and my elbow is sporting a quarter sized blistery burn from the iron!

Hope your Tuesday night was less exciting and disgusting!  🙂

Ruffles and Hearts

Beautiful baby quilt combination – minky, soft fur, and cotton ruffles…

family 364

I quilted into the white fur fabric a little and really didn’t like how it broke it up so I showed my customer and she decided she didn’t like it either.  I ended up stitching in the ditch around the fur and just did loops, flowers and hearts on the rest of the quilt.

family 366

I used Superior’s Valley Breeze, it is a light olivey type of green,  since it blends so nicely with all the fabrics.

family 365

The ruffles are adorable.  I quilted up to and sometimes under the ruffles. I love how the ruffle changes the look of the simple Rail Fence block. I love the pinks and greens and the splash of yellow!

family 363

Sadly, I apparently didn’t take a picture of the back.

Now I just need lots more tops to quilt…so I can have more fun!  Sisters – get to piecing so I can get to quilting!  🙂



Aggies Quilt for Graduation

My sweet friend, Carrie, has a friend that lives up in Logan while going to college. Her friend had made an Aggies quilt for her husband as a secret graduation surprise and needed it quilted quickly.  As a newbie, I had immediate openings for a quilt so I got the job.  Thanks, Carrie, for referring me!


family 270

She had gotten a quilt when she graduated and wanted her husband to have a similar quilt – complete with matching quilting.  A new pattern to me…sounds like the same old story, right?  I am happy when customers ask for something new because I need the push to try new things.  It is free hand quilting.  I was pretty happy with out it turned out.


family 272

I didn’t quilt in the letters, just a quick stitch in the ditch for those. This is before I quilted the rest of the quilt.


family 271

It has this super soft minkee on the back. The lines aren’t perfectly straight but it looks good overall.


family 274

I was able to get this done in a couple of days and even made her binding and attached it.  She did the hand sewing to finish the binding.  I don’t like to hand sew binding – it takes soooo long!!!  And a quick peek at the back, where the U shows up pretty nicely framed by the quilting.

family 273

Funny side note:  one of my daughters has decided to go to this college when she graduates – so quilting another Aggies quilt might be in my near future! I am happy she is going away for college – such a different experience than being a home and going to college.  And I am most happy that she will only be a few hours away while she is at college and not across the country!



Missing Auction Quilt

I am on the PTA board at our Jr High.  Our PTA was asked to provide baskets for the district auction.  I thought this would be a great way to get my name out there as a quilter, so I volunteered to make an Americana themed quilt to go with the basket. This pattern is by Jeni Baker. She has a tutorial on her blog, In Color Order.  Giant Vintage Star Quilt Tutorial. Great pattern for a beautiful quick smaller quilt!

family 210

My helper is new to holding up quilts and was probably embarrassed, since I enlisted her help at school as it was getting out and everyone could see her.  They moved my due date up a week and a half and which gave me 2 days to quilt it – on top of all my other responsibilities.  So these are the only pictures I have of this quilt.

I wanted the quilting on the white areas to compliment and draw attention to the star its self, so I used a simple back and forth stitch inside angles that point the eyes to the star.
family 212

The star itself has loopy, stars and hearts free motion quilting.  Stars for patriotism and hearts because I love my country.  I actually got a wee bit teary while quilting thinking about the soldiers and the many blessings I have by being an American.

family 213


The back looks really awesome – I think!  I love a little bit of color splash and piecing on the back.

family 214

Because this was for auction – I put a paper on the back with fabric, pattern and quilting info and the cost to make and a suggested starting price for the auctioneer. Because chances of the auctioneer being a quilt expert was pretty slim – right?  And I put a note that if the owner would like a history label on the back of the quilt, they could contact me and I would attach one.

Well…guess what?!   This beautiful quilt never showed up at the auction.  My sis in law went to the auction with her hubby who is a principal in our district.  She looked and asked about it – but it wasn’t there.  What the heck?! I asked the secretaries at the school and they didn’t know anything. I am wondering if it got folded up and put at the bottom of the Americana basket – out of sight and completely unappreciated? That basket sold for $30.

So that is probably the end of my donating a quilt for auctions…maybe…I might try again with the elementary art auction…

Stippling quest was a Success!

First I practiced stippling on a baby quilt panel that I had inherited from Grandma Dott.  It has a high loft poly batting, which makes it nice and fluffy.









As a newbie quilter, I posted on our neighborhood Facebook page that I was looking for some quilts to practice stippling on at a very discounted price.  I got several quilt tops…thank goodness for quilters who are brave enough to give a new quilter one of their precious tops!  My neighbor down the street loves to piece tops and has a big stack of them waiting to be quilted. She brought me this queen sized top.

family 056

Here is a close up of the stipple size and a picture of my favorite print in her quilt.  The rectangular rose print.  I am not really a pink sort of girl, but I love the colors in this quilt!


family 051

I also got this beautiful baby quilt from a friend of another neighbor.  I was nervous about this one because she usually pays top dollar to very experienced quilters.  I used a green from Superior and it blended beautifully with all the colors.



When I was at my quilter’s boot camp, I was so frustrated by the Pantovision (digital pantograph) that I went home feeling overwhelmed and horrified that I had taken out a loan to buy this longarm when I couldn’t even trace a pattern and make it look good.  Free motion quilting came much more naturally and was so much fun.   I am happy to say that I have made pretty good progress and now pantographs don’t scare me anymore.

A Quilty Memorial of my Older Brother

My only older brother passed away suddenly without warning in 2011. I live far away from him and didn’t get to see him very often.  Thankfully we have lots of great memories of growing up together.  After he passed away, I offered to make a shirt quilt for my sister in law.  He wasn’t into T-shirts and mostly wore dress up shirts, which really made the quilt much easier to make.  No stabilizer to iron on!  YaY!
family 302
It took my sweet sister in law several years to be ready to part with his shirts for a little while and when she was ready she had my mom bring them to me from out of state.  I pondered several patterns, but finally settled on this snowball pattern so it could really show off the shirt material.  The orange and green tropical print shirts were his favorite shirts so I put in two blocks of each print. The center bear shirt is actually his favorite sweat shirt. I could see why – very soft and warm.

family 294

I used the inside of this shirt to show size and brand and to add variety to the snowballs.






family 289

I used several front pockets with buttons.  I also used side seams and back placket pieces.






family 304
Here is a close up of the sweat shirt front.






family 305

I used a snuggley plaid flannel for the back so that hopefully she would feel like it was a warm hug from my brother when she uses it.  I bound it with a plain white cotton. I wanted the quilt to be soft so I did free motion loops and hearts.  Lots of hearts because they were still so in love.

I admit that this quilt has a few of my tears on it.  It was very therapeutic to sew it together with love for my sis in law. My mom and I cut the shirts apart together and shared a few memories and discussed how to piece it which created another good memory for me.  Thanks for helping, Mom!

When my parents went to visit in Missouri, they hand delivered the quilt to her.  I hope, after awhile, the shirts won’t cause as many tears and can become a comforting hug instead.  Love ya, Sis!